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Adam is the founder of Campaignware, an interactive content creation platform that helps entrepreneurs and marketers create interactive content for free, with no coding or complexity.

Prior to that he spent 10+ years learning his craft building and creating campaigns and digital products for clients across Sydney, Australia. Adam also teaches Digital Marketing, Product Management and UX at institutes including General Assembly and the University of New South Wales.

In his free time he enjoys making music, cooking and trying to teach his dog to fetch.
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How To Set Your Content Marketing On Autopilot

October 28, 2021 By Adam Mussa

Content marketing is hard and Adam Mussa has always found it a challenge. There‚Äôs enough work already without having to constantly think of new ideas and trying to find insights into your audience to deliver the right content at the right time. So here are some specific ideas that we found that have worked well for Campaignware and their clients.…more »

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