Advanced Google My Business Strategy For Small Business

Advanced Google My Business Strategy For Small Business


Small business owners look for free advertising and campaigns to increase the visibility of their businesses to the customers. In this article, let’s see how we can use Google My Business to increase the visibility of our business for free.

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Let’s say you have opened your dream cafeteria, and you serve exquisite delicacies to the hungry tongues. Or your friend has started her boutique and sells gorgeous outfits; the common thing between you two is to spread the word about your business.

Google My Business offers you a free getaway to increase your online presence. This article will tell you about multiple strategies to optimize Google My Business to grow small businesses to their maximum potential.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business helps you maintain an online presence across google search and Maps. It is free of cost, and it helps your business stay on your customers’ search list. In addition, the GMB knowledge Panel helps your customers with necessary Infos about your business that they might want to know.


What Information Does Google My Business Contain?

Google My Business contains some of your business information valuable for your customers. Here are some examples-

  • Business Name
  • Type of your business
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Images
  • Link to Google Map and
  • Star ratings

Benefits Of Using Google MY Business

Using GMB is beneficial for small business holders. Using Google My Business Increases your visibility in search, gives your customers better shopping experiences, and increases traffic on your websites, social platforms, and the doorstep of your shop.

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Crucial Google My Business Strategies

Here are some crucial Google My Business strategies to boost your

Complete Your Business Info

Leaving your business info incomplete is just as bad a habit as leaving your plate unfinished on the dinner table. So always complete your business info on Google My Business. Your Business Name, address, contact info, hours of operation need to be up-to-date.

Choose Your Business Category

It would help if you chose the proper business category. Choosing the right category gives your customer an idea about the type of business that you do. Google My Business offers you ten categories to demonstrate the wide range and variety of your business.

Primary And Secondary Category

However, you can use only one primary category, so be careful about your secondary category and the rest to explain your business to the customers. Being clear about your business category also gives a good result in swot analysis.

Add A Business Description

The business category list in Google My Business might be limiting at times. For example, you may not find the proper category to select for the primary category. Sure there are options close to the business category you are looking for, but it still does not suffice what you are looking for.

Proper Description For Clearer Info

The Description section lets you break the limits of the Category section. Google now gives you 750 characters to describe your business in detail. As a result, you can clarify your business to the customers. Your customers get to know you and your business more through the description, and this also helps you rank better in Google searches.

Upload Good Quality Images

This is an indisputable fact that Google My Business profiles with good quality photos improve better than their competitor business profiles. Businesses with photos on their profiles get 42% more requests for driving directions.

Google Analytics also shows that profiles with photos get 35% more clicks to their websites than business profiles with no images. So adding good quality photos to your GMB profile attracts your customers and helps your business perform well.

Respond To Reviews

It is typical human behavior to take other people’s opinions before making a purchase. 30% of customers check reviews before engaging in businesses or making purchases. So it becomes crucial that you respond to all the reviews on your Google My Business profiles; this will positively impact your customers.

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Use Posts To Promote Your Business

Earlier, you could post about the events, offers, and sales only on your website. Now Google Posts gives you that opportunity to do that for your GMB profile. In addition, if you post about offers, events, and sales on GMB, your customers will keep a link with you, and they will make frequent visits to your business place.

You can make these posts on your business knowledge panel. Here are the types of posts that you can make-

  • Blog articles
  • Special offers
  • Company news
  • Product promotion


As I said earlier, Google My business increases your business’ visibility and deepens your connection with the customers through your posts and responses to customer reviews. You can also use Google Ads to promote your business through search network campaigns.

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