How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally


Over half the population is obese and a majority of them have excess abdominal fat which has made it an inevitable lifestyle problem. We will not only solve this issue but also make sure belly fat never visits you again! Here is how you get rid of it naturally.

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally
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Over half the population is obese and a majority of them have excess abdominal fat which has made it an inevitable lifestyle problem. We will not only solve this issue but also make sure belly fat never visits you again! Here is how you get rid of it naturally.

Abdominal fat or belly fat occurs when the central section of one’s body which contains the most of our organs accumulates fats leading to a protruding belly.

Here are the best ways to lose belly fat naturally:

Make water your best friend

One of the major causes of obesity and pot bellies has to be over-eating, binging and junk. Our body has two main requirements – food and liquid. Most diets include a lot of water because it is a fool-proof way of curbing unnecessary hunger pangs that generally end up as binge eating sessions.

It is not unusual to confuse thirst with hunger and having a glass at regular intervals will not just limit the intake of junk but will also make sure that one consumes only the required amount of food and not more. Cucumber, ginger, lemon and mint are few of the things that could make your regular glass of water a little more fun.

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Bye bye carbs

Carbohydrates have been severely hit by dietitians recently as fat (with moderation) is now recommended for physique and energy maintenance. People focusing on losing belly fat should surely cut out on those carbs as it helps reduce appetite unlike fat which generally makes one full more easily. A lot of studies show that low carb diets work 2-3 times better in comparison to the low fat diets.

Low carb diets are even easier to stick without much portion restriction and ensure a more consistent diet.

Protein and weight loss

One of the biggest contributing macronutrient, protein reduces craving and also boosts metabolism which is our body’s calories burning and digesting capacity. Protein also helps cut muscles and make the body leaner and instead of making the body weak it ensures strength and agility.

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Protein is available in regular pantry stocked foods like fish, nuts, meat, lentils etc. A regular protein intake is a great catalyst in burning excess belly fat. It can also be consumed separately as protein supplement powders are easily available in the markets now.

There is no getting away from exercise

Reducing fat in a particular region or spot fat reduction is not as simple and achieving it with the guidance of a weight loss instructor is nearly impossible. So, for anyone who wishes to lose some tummy fat, shedding a few pounds could kick start your weight-loss journey like nothing else.

Full body exercises like swimming, cycling and running can have a major impact on belly fat as it encourages full body stretching along with vigorous workout which strengths overall body muscles.

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A healthy and fun recipe to burn belly fat:

Cut down slices of cucumber, ginger, lemon and add them to a jug of water along with some mint leaves. Drink this solution throughout the day instead of other sweetened beverages.

Obesity has now taken over a major chunk of the population and is the leading cause of deadly diseases like asthma, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Visceral fat or the fat surrounding the organs leads to various other ailments and organ failure.

Hopefully, the above stated tips and suggestions will guide you through your belly fat losing journey.

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