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How To Keep Your Team Happy

How To Keep Your Team Happy

How To Keep Your Team Happy Staff
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If you are reading this article, then you are already on the right road. Bosses who want to keep their team happy are most of the way there as they have the right attitude to leadership in the workplace. We need to keep our teams happy if we want them to work to the best of their abilities consistently. Whether you are one of life’s natural leaders, you have years’ worth of management experience or you make an effort to work harder at it as a born introvert, you will be able to apply all of these tips in order to more effectively lead your team and keep them happy.


Create a comfortable environment

First up, cover off the basics. For your team to be happy, they need to be working in a comfortable environment. We don’t mean all big squashy sofas to lounge around on here, though if that works for you go for it, we mean addressing all basic needs and safety.

Ensure that everyone has a safe place to complete their work in, and a space for freshening up, taking breaks and storing their belongings. Make sure that you have the right suppliers to hand, such as for all cleaning supplies or a local catering company to keep the office well-fed and happy during team meetings.

Additionally, you can make it a more enjoyable space to work in by ensuring there is plenty of natural light, pleasant decor and furniture and colours. Studies have shown that employees who like their physical workspace are likely to perform better.

Communicate effectively

Communication is everything when you are managing a team of people. It can take the form of training, coaching, delegating and feeding back, amongst other things.

When you are training and giving direction, ensure that you are clear on both the process and also the expected output. Give measurable goals to people and give them the opportunity to voice any concerns or address areas that they are unsure of. You are setting them up to win, so give them every possible chance to do so.

It is worth holding daily meetings to set expectations for the day and share updates so that you are all on the same page. You might then want to hold team meetings regularly to share briefs, targets, achievements and changes, giving everyone a chance to talk it all over. A team that is kept in the loop is likely to feel involved and valued.

Reward and recognise regularly

People thrive on recognition and praise. Working hard and delivering great work is worth it when you know that you will be appreciated for it. Conversely, if you put in extra effort and hours every day and there is never a word of thanks for it, you are likely to stop doing it.

This appreciation can take any form that you want it to and that is commensurate to the task. It might be a quiet and genuine ‘thank you’, it might be an acknowledgement and celebration in a team meeting, it might be an extended lunch break or a financial reward of some sort.

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