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How To Find A Job You Actually Like In 2018

How To Find A Job You Actually Like In 2018

How To Find A Job You Actually Like In 2018

If you find yourself absolutely dreading going back into the office for another week when the weekend is over, it’s probably time to find another job.

Sure, jobs are meant to be work, but they shouldn’t make you miserable.

Make it your mission in the New Year to find a job that you find fulfilling and that doesn’t make you want to call in sick every Monday. Here’s how:

Do Some Soul Searching

You can’t find a job you love without knowing what you’d like to do. Of course money and benefits are also things to consider, but you can get those at a lot of jobs. What kind of employment could genuinely make you happy?

Look at your past jobs and pick out the tasks that you enjoyed the most. Maybe you loved helping people or you thought you thrived well in high-pressure situations. Play to your strengths as well. What were the things that coworkers and bosses complimented you on? Another thing to consider is workplace environment and culture. What type of workplace do you want? Would you rather be in a separate cubicle or a collaborative workspace?

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The best job for you would be something that plays into your strengths while also being something you genuinely enjoy in an environment that helps you be productive and happy. It may not have everything on your wish list, but if it’s a decent balance of these things, it’s worth looking into.

Beef Up Your Resume

It’s probably been a while since you’ve done a proper revamp of your resume. It’s time to give it another look and a proper rewrite to make it stand out for recruiters. Plus, see if there are any industry-specific tips for resumes in the field you’re looking for. If you’re going for something like design, consider making your resume an infographic to highlight your talents while giving them the info they need.

Search Niche-Specific Job Boards

General job boards like Indeed are nice, but if you know the specific kind of job you want, a board that’s specific to that type of job is going to be more helpful. Here are a few:

With so many options out there, you’re sure to find something that caters to what you’re looking for.

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Get Networking

A huge percentage of people score positions due to networking. Working your contacts is a great way to ensure you find the job of your dreams. Creating or updating a LinkedIn profile is a great place to start. You can use the site to add people you already know, thus building your network in a web. A good friend could be connections with someone prominent at your dream company.

Talk with family, friends, and old coworkers and bosses to see if they have any contacts in the industry you want to break into. Find industry events to attend or go to alumni parties at your college to get in touch with people there. It’s true when they say “it’s about who you know.”

Practice Talking Points

Interviews can be difficult because they involve a lot of talking about yourself. It’s easy to feel a bit awkward when you’re basically selling yourself to the interviewer. As with everything, practice makes perfect. It might seem strange to practice talking points with yourself, but it can really help you feel better and more confident. And that means you’ll be able to ace all the interviews you get.

Don’t Give Up

The job hunt can be discouraging, especially when you’re so ready to leave the job you’re in. It may take a while, but don’t get disheartened.

Don’t forget that you also don’t need to settle on one path. According to studies 50% of College Freshmen are undecided about their career choices and 75% change their major.

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There are many career opportunities you can consider and Careers Wiki has some great advice in their “Definitive Guide to Finding Your Career Path” article which is well worth checking out.

You get what you put into things, so if you’re dedicated and putting work into the job hunt, your dream job is right at your fingertips.

Don’t stop until you get it.

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