Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs For Digital Nomads


Do you want more freedom in your life whilst still being able to earn a living? Then perhaps you should consider a “Digital Nomad” career that allows you the freedom to earn a good wage and travel the world at the same time.

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Being a digital nomad definitely has its perks. This isn’t a type of a job for anybody – it requires the willingness to change your surroundings frequently, adapt to new circumstances and be open to unexpected experiences. People who enjoy these type of challenges consider a nomadic life a perfect way of living life as an adventure. They are able to work inline or change jobs each time they change location while meeting new people and broadening their horizons.

Whether you are considering becoming a digital nomad or you are already one, there are certain jobs that are at your disposal that are just perfect for the online line of work. However, wouldn’t it be even better if you get to decide which online job you would prefer based on earnings it can provide? Some online jobs are better paid than others, so you better get yourself informed well before making any further commitments. Here’s a list of jobs that are expected to be paid best in 2018:

1. Computer Programmer

Definitely, number one job if you’re eager to earn a nice amount of money. Still, it is paid so well because it isn’t easy – programming requires certain skills that are not easily acquired. If you’re feeling up for the job, consider developing one of these skills in high demand: information security (INFOSEC), C++, cloud computing or PERL. Each one of them can help you earn a salary of more than $100K. So, be ready for some hard work and you’ll eventually reach that number.

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2. App And Games Developer

Maybe developers are not as paid as programmers, but they are still on top. Salaries are somewhere between $75 and $80K if you are an iOS specialist. Of course, this comes under the condition that you are already an experienced senior developer, working on iOS and Android. But be warned – this line of job demands long working hours and a really quick mind. On the other hand, games developers don’t have so intense working conditions and their entry level allows them to earn a somewhat lower amount of money than app developers.

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3. Virtual Assistant

This job can earn you up to 75$ an hour. Of course, the rate depends on your skills and references. Many businesses need a virtual assistant, as their hectic dynamics demand administrative tasks to be completed on time and meticulously organized. You would be expected to provide various administrative services, as well as those of creative and technical nature, depending on the current situation. For example, the services can include responding to emails, writing content, communicating with the media or dealing with business-related documents. If this sounds like the ideal role for you, check out Airtasker which has 40,000 tasks published every week!

4. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists can both work at hospitals or do their job online, as their obligation is to transcribe recorded medical dictation – their only equipment should be a computer and earpiece. The condition to apply for the job is to complete a postsecondary medical transcriptionist program, and then you can be on your way to earn around 20$ an hour.

5. Translator

If you’re good with words and in foreign languages, this could be a job for you. To become a translator, you should be able to work under pressure and to meet very short deadlines. Sometimes a bachelor degree is a must, but if you are fluent in at least two languages, chances are you could pave your way towards becoming a good translator.

Another thing is that you must concentrate on an area you would be most skillful to translate from and into. Mostly, scientific and technical services need their documents translated. Educational services are next, while hospital and government are at the bottom of the list. The salary depends on the area, as well as on the deadline that has been given to you.

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Web Development is a great digital nomad position if you'd like to travel and earn cash

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6. Web Developer

It is possible to build your own website by using free online platforms, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can do it or be good at. A good website is good for business, so a lot of people are looking professionals who can create them a useful and attractive website. Companies such as GWM recommend any entrepreneur, especially those who have just started up their business, to make themselves visible through a well-built and informative website.

This is where you can come in – all you need is a fast Internet connection and a computer. The best thing is that you don’t need to have an advanced degree to engage in web design. A post-secondary education is enough, along with a portfolio of quality sites you have built. If you want to have basic knowledge from professionals, consider intensive coding boot camps and you’re ready in a couple of months.

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7. Travel Agent

This is an interesting job, so the demand is already quite high. Still, there’s no reason for you not to try and make money from this. Online travel agents search the Internet for interesting offers for their clients and help them organize their holiday. If you’re willing to become an expert in a certain region of the world, the better for you.

It is also very appealing to the clients if you offer them a group travel or are experienced in planning adventures. Being a nomad definitely helps you to get to know our planet, so you could put that knowledge to good use.

To be able to become a nomad, one must be ready to spend some amount of time every day in front of a computer. Digital nomads understand the price of being free to travel from place to place. So, pick your job carefully – you need to love it, but it has to bring you money for the traveling, too.

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