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How To Attract Top Talents To Work For Your Business

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How To Attract Top Talents To Work For Your Business

You need to hire the best talents if you are to give your business a competitive edge, regardless of whether you operate in a domestic or an international market, or whether you are a big or a small-sized corporation. But finding the best talent for the job in today’s extremely competitive job market is a challenge that many corporate leaders lose. After all, your ideal job candidate is also your competitor’s ideal candidate, so that candidate isn’t short of options. Your recruitment policies and company culture must be in line with the candidate’s preferences for you to stand any chance of attracting that talent to join your team.

That being said, here are a few tips that you can incorporate into your recruitment and employment policies in order to attract top talents to work for your business:

1. Support diversity

Diversity comes in many forms. Your team could be diverse in terms of language, religion, geographical origins, cultures, political views, sexuality, gender, among other defining traits.

Have a purpose to build a team that accommodates everyone: A team that doesn’t make some people feel unwanted or like outcasts for being who they are. Train your managers, you included, to not impose their beliefs on employees, and to allow a diversity of thought to manifest itself in everything the team does.

Let your team know that the things that matter most in your company are core competencies, dedication to tasks assigned, and transferable skills. Fresh graduates crave for that kind of freedom, so they will be competing to work for you.

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If you operate or wish to commence operations in Singapore, you can liaise with a Singapore employer of record (EOR) in sourcing the most diverse and competent team for your company. A Singapore EOR will handle security payments, payrolls, taxes, and other statutory requirements on your behalf so that you can focus on formulating policies, marketing your brand, and building your company for your audiences in Singapore.

2. Have a clear growth and development plan

When employees bring their transferrable skills and core competencies to your company, what do they get in return? Paying hefty salaries is never enough compensation for that.

Skilled employees are constantly looking for ways to expand their skillsets and grow professionally. That is the compensation they need from you when they push their limits and go beyond their job description to serve your company vision. In that regard, you should set up career development programs for young employees and give them opportunities to learn new skills.

From Passion To Profit

You need to make a habit of growing your top talent and future managers from within, as opposed to hiring experienced executives from outside, by building a continuous learning culture.

Let your existing talents feel empowered to become better versions of themselves, and then promote those who excel in decision-making positions. It can be pretty frustrating to young employees when they work hard for your company and then when a senior position falls vacant, you give it to someone from the outside.

3. Be flexible

Young employees want to continue living their lives even after securing jobs. They don’t want to work for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. They want to work from home at times, or in remote locations as they explore the world. In that regard, you will attract top talents if you ditch conventional working standards and adopt a more flexible working arrangement.

4. Leverage employee referrals

Employee referral programs achieve two things. One, your existing employees feel appreciated when you allow them to recommend their friends and former classmates for a job opening in the company. They feel like their opinions matter, and so they get more attached to the company.

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Secondly, there is always a high chance that the existing top talents in your company are friends with other top talents out there. Someone who was top of their class knows who came second and third, and if he/she puts a good word about your company to those potential candidates, chances are that they will choose your company over the competitors.

5. Build a strong online brand

If your brand is strong on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among other social platforms, high potential candidates will want to work for you. Social media is the place to connect with people, from customers to investors, to potential employees.


The bottom line is to make your job offers seem like an opportunity one can’t afford to miss, and then prove it every day. Be smart and tactful in how you sell your brand out there- don’t oversell unless you want to frustrate candidates after they sign up for the job.

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Andy Latkovskis is an HR Officer specialized in employee training and development. He is truly passionate about nurturing talent and ideas that evoke transformative change in individuals, teams, and organizations. When he is not working, you can find him socializing physically.
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