How Can Tableau Software Help To Grow Your Business?


Every day we’re exposed to more and more data and it can be difficult for us to decide what’s useful, when we should be using it and how to use it. All of this data can be overwhelming but with the proper software and training you can effectively use data to help both you and your organisation.

How can Tableau software help to grow your business?
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As we pick up and use more and more smart devices, an increasing amount of data is collected as well. That data can pertain to, for instance, how many miles we have run for fitness, what products we have bought and when, and what terms we have used when carrying out web searches. If you operate a business, then that, too, will collect lots of data; however, you may not be using it sufficiently effectively for helping your firm to grow. Tableau software can assist in rectifying that.

A quick introduction to Tableau software

Your business could have abundant data at its disposal; however, it might not be making efficient use of it. Forbes has reported that “less than 0.5% of all data is ever analysed and used”. That’s quite an eye-opener, but one good reason for this startling statistic could be the great challenge that analyzing such information can pose.

Think about it. When was the last time you looked at a detailed Excel spreadsheet – the kind that your staff might often fill out – and, more or less straight away, comprehensively understood what it was saying? On the contrary, the document probably left you feeling rather daunted and overwhelmed. Tableau software can prevent such bewilderment, as it is business intelligence software intended to make data easier to view and understand.

You can unite data from multiple sources

Your company might utilise various systems from which it sources data. Transferring this data from all of those systems to a single spreadsheet before you can even start analysing that data could prove arduous; however, Tableau software provides a system to which almost any data source can be connected. Whether your data is from Microsoft Excel, the web or your corporate data warehouse, you can more easily bring it over, thanks to an automated process that Tableau enables.

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Data can be more quickly shared

Ever had a situation where you have left the office, perhaps to attend a conference or meet up with a promising potential client, only to realise that you need access to some of your company’s data? Perhaps you need to quickly update that data or reference something that is in it.

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Whatever the exact reason, Tableau software can make that data more speedily accessible. Through sharing a link, you can ensure that this data can be reached from anywhere. This can be a major boon for collaborative projects involving several employees or outside contractors.

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Your data can be more effectively visualised

Presenting information in the form of reports and spreadsheets isn’t always likely to help that data sink in. This is because, as Hacker Noon points out, humans are hardwired to visually process data. Therefore, you can have a greater impact on an audience if you show data in visual form.

At this point, you might be thinking of graphs and pie charts – but Tableau software is capable of showing your data even more fruitfully than that. The software utilises interactive technology with which you can draw upon unorthodox methods of digital storytelling. By way of example, you could use maps to indicate your company’s reach in a specific geographical region.

Learning how to use Tableau software can be relatively straightforward

Transitioning your workforce into routine use of Tableau software does not have to be a painful process. You can ease them in gently through the use of Tableau training provided by an organisation like Cloudstream Partners. With its training sessions, this company can customise the experiences to clients’ specific requirements. Cloudstream Partners also advocates using these clients’ data when training, including at intermediate or advanced level, is underway.

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