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How To Recover A Hard Disk Formatted On A Mac

How To Recover A Hard Disk Formatted On A Mac

How To Recover A Hard Disk Formatted On A Mac Staff
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Formatting your hard drive is a solution to a number of issues like gaining more space or your Mac hard drive, rebooting a slow-motion or unresponsive Mac (yes, even Macs get slow!), removing unwanted programs or malware, installing a new operating system, etc.

Obviously, it is very easy to format a Mac hard drive but many do not think about the repercussions before doing so which may mean that you lose important data. In addition, if you do not know what you are doing when you want to format only a disk partition and you end up formatting all the partitions, you may lose all your files. That is why it is necessary to have a software capable of recovering a hard disk formatted on Mac.

Is it possible to recover a formatted hard drive on Mac?

If you have searched for an answer to this question, you have arrived at the right place. There are a number of ways to recover hard disk data on a Mac, but not all are as effective.

One of the best ways to recover a Mac formatted hard drive is to use Mac data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac.

Recover an erased hard drive on Mac with Stellar Data Recovery Professional

If you are looking for efficient and easy-to-use software for Mac data recovery, Stellar Data Recovery Professional is one of the best ways to restore a Mac formatted hard drive.

This software can be useful in a number of situations, by recovering all files from a hard drive, regardless of how it was formatted or deleted.

Some of the features make Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac the perfect choice for easy data recovery on Mac:

  • It is a Mac software with a simple and intuitive interface for data loss.
  • Data recovery from any Mac storage device with macOS 10.14 Mojave support.
  • Recover corrupted data, unmounted and encrypted volumes.
  • The software restores all types of data by using the signature of the file and also allows you to monitor disk performance as well as clone it to secure the data.
  • Also restores data from Time Machine backups and corrupt Bootcamp partitions.

How to recover formatted data on Mac

Follow the steps below to recover your deleted files on hard disk erased or formatted:

  1. Download and install Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac (a trial version is available for Mac and Windows)
  2. Start the software and select the type of data you want to recover or select the “recover all” optionStellar Recovery - Select Drive To Recover
  3. Select the disk or partition to analyze. Note that you can enable preview during disk scan. If the quick scan does not find your files, you will have to activate the “deep scan” option, but it will take longer.
    Stellar Recovery - Select Location
  4. Once the scan is complete, the software will display the recovered files as a list that you can customize to refine your searches. For example, if you are searching for a document, you can select DOC or PDF files.
    Stellar Recovery - Select File Type
  5. Last step: restore deleted files. After selecting the files or folders to restore, click the “Recover” button and specify the destination location.Stellar Data Recovery Mac - Restore Process


It is very important to follow certain steps when you want to restore an erased hard disk on Mac:

  1. Never recover files from the drive where the originally lost data was located.
  2. Do not use any automated cleaner or utility to create free space on your hard drive.
  3. Be very careful when working with a partition of a hard drive. Before modifying any parameter in an area, think twice about what you are doing and what the implications of your actions are.

The Stellar Data Recovery Professional software is available for macOS and Windows computers, a trial version is available to test the program.

Editor’s Note: As a disclaimer, the team behind Stellar Data Recovery offered me a copy of the software for free to review for you. Unfortunately, my poor 12-year-old Mac is now well past its prime and has been relegated to the back of a cupboard as my emergency iTunes syncing machine. I checked the software out and didn’t want you Mac guys to miss out on a fab tool so I asked the Stellar team to put together a quick overview for you. I’ve received no financial compensation or software for hosting this article.


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