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Career Development

August 23, 2022

You might think that most jobs require a college/university degree in order for you to be a suitable candidate for employment but that's not strictly true. Read on to find out why industry credentials are the new degree. … Read More »


December 16, 2021

The past few years have seen a spike in the use of video platforms such as YouTube and Khan Academy. On top of this, rising costs have forced many institutions to cut costs and restructure their facilities, leading to a rise in online education … Read More »

Career Development

December 8, 2021

The main aim of master training is to assist students in gaining a well-rounded understanding of fitness and nutrition and a breadth of knowledge in various fitness disciplines. Once you complete your master certification program, you open yourself up to extensive job opportunities and … Read More »

Career Development

October 13, 2021

The pandemic has hit the world hard in more than one way. Business owners and professionals bore the brunt of the situation. While businesses sustained losses, professionals were at the receiving end of pay cuts and job losses. Thankfully, the situation is much better … Read More »


May 20, 2021

Today, every other company wishes to adopt technological change as it has become crucial for organizations. It dictates how well you respond to the external environment and marks your position in the intense competition of existing markets. Therefore, it is inevitable to bring a … Read More »


May 14, 2021

Health and safety in the workplace is a subject of the utmost importance and something that everyone who owns a business or manages a team should be thinking about. But how do you go about implementing health and safety practices and policies where there … Read More »

Career Development

April 18, 2020

A lot of business owners and managers are having trouble keeping up with the changing media landscapes - newspapers and tv stations are becoming completely irrelevant, and social media is where the game is being played. You need to learn how to effectively manage … Read More »

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