Recover Deleted Files From An SD Card In Just 3 Simple Steps


Have you ever felt the horror of selecting the wrong menu item on your computer or camera, not really reading the confirmation message and the realising you’ve deleted the contents of your SD card? In this article we look at a simple piece of software that will help you restore your lost files (and it’s free!)

Recover Deleted Files From An SD In Just 3 Simple Steps
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Have you ever felt the horror of selecting the wrong menu item on your computer or camera, not really reading the confirmation message and the realising you’ve deleted the contents of your SD card? I’ve done it a couple of times now and it’s terrible to have lost some great photos just because I wasn’t watching what I was doing.

If, like me, you’re a bit rubbish at backing up files and quite often delete stuff that you shouldn’t then data recovery software is a must-have.

I’ve tried a lot of software solutions over the years and many of them have a steep learning curve or a lot of screens to go through in order to get your files restored.

3 Simple Steps To Restored Data

With EaseUS you can recover a formatted SD card with just a few clicks. Below are the simple steps you need to follow in order to get back your “lost” data:

  1. Simply insert your SD card into your PC or Mac and launch the EaseUS data recovery wizard
  2. Select the SD card from the list of devices and click on the “Scan” button, the data recovery wizard will the go through your SD card and find all of the deleted files.
    EaseUS Data Recovery- select a location
  3. Once the scan has finished you can view the files to see which ones you want to restore and then select them individually or in bulk. Click the “recover” button and select a location to save the restored files and you’re done!
    EaseUS Data Recovery Software - Select files
    Also, if you’re not sure what files you want to restore you can preview them from with the app so you know you’re recovering the right files.EaseUS Data Recovery - Preview Files

How simple is that, eh?

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The free version of EaseUS allows you to recover upto 2GB of files (500mb as default which is increased to 2GB if you share the product on social media) so it should be more than capable of handling your SD cards. If you need to restore more files then you can purchase a licence that allows you unlimited file size.

One thing  to note though: When an SD card is formatted, the data isn’t deleted straight away but as new information is written to it this will overwrite the previous contents of the drive. This means it’s important to try and restore your data as soon as possible so that it’s not lost permanently.

As an added bonus, EaseUS also provides free backup software so you can make sure your precious files are safe on both your SD cards and your PC/Mac.

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