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Health Risks You Might Experience During The Lockdown

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Health Risks You Might Experience During The Lockdown Staff
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People have had different experiences throughout this pandemic. Some learned new hobbies and discovered previously unknown passions.

But for others, it wasn’t such a pleasant experience. The lockdown forced all of us into our homes. This event has had varying effects on many people, including mental and physical health issues. But what are these health issues, and how can you tell if you’re at risk of getting them?

Damage To Mental Health

One would think that the lockdown will have nothing but positive effects on people. The lockdown indeed helped slow down the spread of the coronavirus, but it also introduced other negative side effects.

Depression and anxiety have been on the rise throughout the pandemic. The feeling of isolation coupled with the constant threat of the virus has put a heavy strain on people’s mental fortitude. A study showed a link between the lockdown and a rise in depressive symptoms. It showed which kinds of people more frequently experienced this.

The recent rise in depression and anxiety felt by people is also not limited to the isolation they’ve experienced. Not being able to work and therefore not having much buying power is also a major factor contributing to feelings of hopelessness and even suicidal thoughts.

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What can we do to combat this? If you are experiencing mental health issues while on lockdown, what can you do? Currently, lockdown restrictions are slowly getting lifted, giving people more options to alleviate their stress and reducing anxiety. Due to the pandemic, people who have lost jobs can start job hunting once more due to the anticipated job boom this year.

Physical Health Risks

The mental health risks mentioned earlier can be driving factors for other health concerns. Those who show increased depressive symptoms are at risk of adopting unhealthy coping mechanisms. These can manifest in different forms and range from mild to severe effects.

The most common health risk that people faced during the lockdown is becoming overweight. Due to restrictions that prevent outside activities, people have opted to entertain themselves through digital means. Spending almost the entire day sitting down with your phone in hand means that your body isn’t getting enough physical activity. The result will be an increase in weight.

Another factor in play is the type of food consumed. A lot of people have indulged themselves with snacks and fast food delivery during the lockdown. Increased consumption of unbalanced meals coupled with physical inactivity can result in weight gain and other underlying health issues.

From Passion To Profit

To combat this, there are easy-to-do exercises that you can do anywhere in your home. Try to squeeze in a bit of physical activity to improve or maintain your fitness.

Unseen Risks to Your Body

Aside from health issues that emanate from within your body, there are also threats around your home. Water leaks and poor ventilation can be the groundwork for a mold outbreak. Molds are sometimes undetected by people and release spores that can cause some serious health issues.

Make it a habit to check hidden places in your home for signs of mold. Also, have your vents cleaned and plumbing checked out to prevent any breeding grounds for molds and other undesirable elements.

Deadly Illness

The stress and anxiety caused by the lockdown can serve as triggers for eating disorders. This mental illness is caused by a myriad of factors and can lead to deadly results. This illness affects people in different ways and can cause them to either binge eat or become anorexic. The risk is especially high for those with prior episodes of eating disorders. If left untreated, the affected person could become severely malnourished due to repeated food purging and refusal to eat.

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However, it is never too late to get treated. If you or someone you know is affected by such an illness, it is recommended you get started on an anorexia treatment plan to get your health and life back on track.

Life on lockdown is far from what we expected. Health risks and financial problems plagued our everyday lives. But with the recent measures implemented to combat the virus, we now have a chance to recover. The pandemic gave us a reality check on how important our health is.

Take the opportunity to get back into shape and start employing a healthier and more manageable diet. Get the help and treatment you couldn’t access during the lockdown and start your road to recovery. Think of this as your second chance to live a healthier life.

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