Happy New Year From The Team!

Happy New Year From The Team!

Happy New Year From The Team!

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2020 from the team here at

If you’re looking to build some new habits in the New Year here are some handy guides and downloads to help you achieve your goals.

$1000 dollars easy saving sheet

The Easy $1000 Savings Goal Sheet

Do you want to save for the holiday of a lifetime? Perhaps you want to add to your home purchase deposit or just have a rainy day fund. If you do then try our easy $1000 saver download where you chose how much you're going to save each week.

A5 & Happy Planner 365 Penny Saver Tracker

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to save money then you can't go far wrong with the 365 penny saver. The premise behind it is that you put 1 penny in on day 1 of the year, 2 pennies on day 2 and so-on until the last day of the year when you put 365 pennies in. At the end of the year you'll have ended up saving 667.95!
Download - Meal Planner - A4, Letter, A5 and Happy Planner

Menu Planner & Shopping List Revisited [Multiple Sizes]

This menu planner is available in a variety of formats which allow you to track what you'd like to make for each meal each day, note down what you need to get from the shops to make your recipes and what leftovers you have to cut down on waste.
Multiple Habit Tracker [Month View]

Multiple Habit Tracker [Month View]

Track your habits over the course of the month with this Monthly Habit Tracker. There's all the space you need to track your habits against each day of the month, all you need to do is list your habits down the left hand-side column and then mark off against each day that you complete the habit.
Free Download: Gamify Your Day Gamification Score Tracker

Gamify Your Day Tracker

The "Gamify Planner" allows you to assign scores to a variety of tasks that you need to work on that day. Track all of the tasks you need to accomplish and assign them scores to increase your productivity and likelihood of completion.

A5 & Happy Planner Monthly & Plain Goal/Habit Trackers

This Goal and Habit tracking set is designed to be used in the classic Happy Planner but can be resized for A5 planner too.
Free Download Goal And Habit Tracker

Habit And Goal Tracker

Track the habits and goals you set - not just New Year's resolutions but anything you want whether it be the number or days you've stopped smoking or saving towards a new car the Goal & habit tracker can help.




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