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Everything You Need To Know About Having A Sixth Sense

Everything You Need To Know About Having A Sixth Sense

Everything You Need To Know About Having A Sixth Sense Staff
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Some of us feel as if we have a heightened sense. It’s something that could be present either from birth or something that has developed over time. It’s usually something that we would refer to as having a sixth sense, because it’s an experience that has gone on to really lift our awareness.

This is often referred to as Clair of Psychic, and these are some of the most notable senses.


This is the sense related to sight, most referred to as visions. The visions or flashbacks can be from the past, or images from the future. They often happen in different situations or when talking to others.


This is the sense of feeling. It works with energy and strong emotion. Those with a heightened sense in this area relate easily to others, and feel their pain or remorse.


This one is related specifically to knowledge. It’s said that claircognizance allows a heightened ability to understand, puzzles come together and information floods the mind.


This one refers to sound. It’s said that those with this sense hear voices or sounds that others cannot. People can communicate with those that are no longer with us.


Finally, we have the sense related to smell. This Clair allows the beholder to withdraw memories based on scents or aroma. It’s easy for them to go back to a memory because of that smell.

Want to learn more? Just take a look at the infographic below for more information.

Infographic Design By Ask Astrology

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