Is The Next Year Your Year? Make 2019 Yours With These Tips


We all think about changes we should be making in order to better our lives and the New Year always seems like the best time to go through with them. In this article we look at a few different aspects of your life that you may overlook in your New Years resolutions list but could perhaps do with attention.

Is The Next Year Your Year? Make 2019 Yours With These Tips
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As we approach the end of the year, we can start to reflect on the last twelve months. The things that you have achieved, the opportunities you have had, and perhaps the changes you wanted to make and never got round to. We can all be very critical when it comes to our own journeys, and while you may have made resolutions and not managed to get round to them, your priorities and lifestyle may have changed meaning you have different ideas and goals that are taking priority.

Many people will agree that the New Year is a sign that you can wipe the slate clean and set yourself some new goals for the year ahead. But what goals would you make? Do you know what areas of your life you want to make an impact? Here are some of the changes and goals you could set yourself for the next twelve months. It could be just the inspiration you need to make worthwhile and actionable New Year resolutions this time.


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Is it time to change your career?

One of the popular resolutions and goals people set for the new year is to consider their careers. It can be quite a tough one to change and the main reason can be because of your commitments to paying bills, etc. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t plan and make the change in a more long-term sort of way. The best advice first of all would be to really think about what you want to do as a career option. Think about the steps you need to take, whether you need qualifications such as studying at Michigan Tech Online or attending college or university in the evenings for classes. Once you know what you want to do, you can put actions in place and be proactive to seek out opportunities. Updating your resume and also ensuring that once all that hard work has been done that you don’t blow your chances at the interview stages. These are the things that can help you change your career, and while it may feel like a bit of a dream, setting smaller goals can help you achieve it a lot faster.

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Is it time to think about your appearance?

Many people use the new year as a time to reflect on how they look and often want to make some changes to their physical appearance. This might be done in a few different ways. It could be that you want to look at losing some weight. After the festive season this can be an option for quite a few people. There are many ways that you might approach this. It could be that you look at making changes to your diet, cutting out things like alcohol or sweet treats and trying to gain a bit more balance. It could be that you want to combine the loss of weight with a fitness regime. Using exercise to help shift the pounds. You may also want to think about other changes you could make, perhaps a tattoo, a piercing or even cosmetic surgery.

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How do you feel?

Sometimes the changes we want to make are more about how we feel on the inside than how we look on the outside, and so you may want to think about making some changes in that area. It could be that you want to look at ways to work on your mindset. Perhaps focusing on a much more positive outlook on life rather than feeling negative about things. Sometimes showing gratitude each day can help and being proactive with how you think and feel. Even faking it until you develop new habits. How you feel may also be pointed to tiredness and stress, and trying different methods to combat that. Meditation, regular exercise and even things like cutting out alcohol can all help improve how you feel. You could set specific goals to help you do that. There can be so many ways that you can combat your feelings, but the best point of access to understand exactly what needs to change is to really understand how you are feeling and what could be causing it. You may find that changes in your routine or lifestyle have had a significant impact on your mindset. It could be your job, your home, your relationships that are triggering these feelings of self-doubt. Knowing the causes can then help you to make actionable steps to overcome them once and for all. A great tip is to set yourself weekly or monthly challenges. One could be to give up alcohol, another to journal each day. Simple tasks that can help you on the right path for change.

How about a change in lifestyle?

Finally, maybe next year is all about a change of lifestyle. Right now you may not enjoy what you do, you may feel trapped and pressured into situations, and you certainly might not be living your best life. Your lifestyle can be formed through a number of different ways. You could try and focus on things such as your diet and how you olive, this may cause you to consider vegetarianism or veganism. It could be that you want to look at a lifestyle change that includes things such as your fitness, or perhaps your lifestyle revolves around how you spend your spare time. Maybe next year is all about traveling, perhaps seeing new places and finally ticking off those destinations on your bucket list. Perhaps the year is for a change in focus, it could mean starting your own business or looking at new hobbies that give you an interest aside from your job and your family. The options are endless and only you can dictate exactly what sort of changes you want to make to your lifestyle.

This next year could be your year, but often it won’t just happen for you. You need to be able to make the goals and targets and take those actionable steps to achieving exactly the life you want to lead.

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