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The Easy $1000 Savings Goal Sheet

$1000 dollars easy saving sheet

If you're looking at saving some money this year but don't know the best way to go about it then check out this fantastically easy way to save $1000!

I've written in the past about various savings challenges and while they do work (I managed to save over £600 using the 52 week challenge) I do find some of the saving styles a bit rigid.

Most of them want you to put a certain amount of money into your savings pot each day or week with little flexibility if you can't afford it or miss a few days.

That's what I love about this new savings spread. I know we're a few weeks into the year but it will be super easy to catch up with this new system.

There are 52 flags representing each week of the year and each flag has a different amount assigned to it. The total of the numbers (assuming you assign a dollar/pound/euro value to them) is 1,000.

The great thing about this system is that you just pick a figure that you can save that week and the maxiumum you'll need to put into your pot is $43 in any given week.

To stop you getting access to your cash early, get yourself a secure money can that you can put your money in without being able to get at it easily. With that in mind this system is really good at making sure you're only saving the amount you can afford that week. You can over pay on a good week, and just pay $2 the next if you're struggling.

Good luck with your savings goals - I'm sure you'll do briliantly.

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