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Doga: Why Is It The Best Fitness Activity To Keep You And Your Dog In Shape?

Woman on a yoga mat petting her dog

Doga: Why Is It The Best Fitness Activity To Keep You And Your Dog In Shape?

Back in the day, the benefits of yoga can only be enjoyed by humans. The practice of meditation and relaxation has been around for 5,000 years, and as the human race continuously strives for improvement, there comes the birth of Doga in the fitness scene.

Doga, otherwise known as dog yoga, has been popular in the fitness scene for almost two decades, yet it is still relatively novel among pet parents. It is a partner yoga class wherein humans are paired with their furry friends and can be practiced in the comfort of one’s home or by attending doga classes.

If the idea of stretching with your dog excites you, we listed the benefits to encourage you further to do it today. Make sure to read further!

The Benefits of Doga

Benefits such as better posture, blood circulation, and relaxation are commonly reaped when practicing yoga. These and more are what you can also enjoy when you start performing doga poses with your dog! Here are more reasons to motivate you to do doga as soon as possible:

Better Physical Health

Whether you practice doga at home or in a class, it remains a valid form of exercise. It is beneficial, especially for dogs who have had orthopedic problems, such as ACL rupture, to reduce muscle tension and improve overall joint health. Likewise, it also benefits you and your pooch’s cardiovascular health since it increases blood circulation and heart rate.

However, if you have an injured dog, make sure to consult the vet before performing any doga position.

Enhances Relationship

Aside from the health benefits, you and your dog can benefit from the quality time you spend together. The additional time, affection, and attention you shower your dog increases deeper feelings of togetherness, trust, security, and connection. A win-win situation, indeed!

Boosts Relaxation

It’s been a tough week, and you’ve been running here and there to meet several deadlines. Sometimes, you arrive home at night so exhausted you don’t have the energy and time to play with your four-legged best friend anymore.

With doga, you can relax, unwind, and catch up with your pooch during weekends. By taking time to practice doga, you and your dog can help relieve worry, stress, and anxiety together. Doga allows you to eliminate any sense of guilt of not spending enough time with your pet.

Provides Social Opportunities

If a trip to the park isn’t your cup of tea, attending a yoga class provides a great way to connect with fellow fur parents. Likewise, it is an excellent way for your pooch to meet other dogs. As a pet parent, you should know that socialization plays a significant part in a dog’s overall health. They need external energy to display their instinctual drive to interact and play around.

Yoga is not for everyone—some may find it too dull yet and even stressful. But with your dog, the seemingly tedious activity can be transformed into a fun, fulfilling one. So, what are you waiting for? Wear your workout ensemble, lay your yoga mat on the floor, and invite your dog to join the fun!

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