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Adapting Healthy Habits After COVID-19

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Adapting Healthy Habits After COVID-19 Staff
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When it comes to maintaining your health and fitness in 2020, it’s not an exaggeration to say that things have become a little bit more different than you are used to. That’s not to say you have to disregard everything you think you think you know about keeping your body fit and healthy.

It would help if you adapted your life to make sure you can continue to put the effort in when it comes to keeping your body and mind in the best health possible. It may be a case of using some creative thinking when it comes to exercise and thinking outside of the box when it comes to the equipment you need to use and how you can use it.

If your local area is still in a state of full or partial lockdown, you may be experiencing some difficulties in trying to keep your routine the same as it was pre-pandemic.

So how can you move forward when it comes to health and fitness in a world where what we once classed as normality and social constructs are a fleeting memory and unlikely to be reinstated anytime soon?


You can’t out-train a bad diet. But not being able to go about your regular shopping habits can put a strain on your meal plans and have an impact on what you can eat and when.

If you are struggling to find enough healthy foods, it may be worth ordering online. Doing an online food shop will help you to avoid foods you don’t want or know you shouldn’t be eating and keeping to a relatively healthy eating plan. Visiting farmer’s markets, if possible, will help you to get the fresh produce you need to fuel your body and make sure you get the right vitamins and minerals your body needs.

If you are struggling to get what your body needs through food, consider adding vitamins to your diet if you are lacking in certain areas to help you get what you need to help you keep up with your healthy lifestyle.


We all need to exercise. However, those of us who are used to going to the gym will find it hard to adapt their routine and find their flow doing at-home workouts.

Working out around the home or in your local parks can help you build a new gym routine outside of the gym environment. You never know you might even find you prefer your new workouts and decide to keep them alongside a new workout regime.

Use what you have around the home. Use containers for weights and door frames to attach bars or other equipment. Use Google and YouTube to find new workouts. For the upper body exercises, check out how to do bodyweight rows to build strength.

Mental health

Restrictions on your day to day life can put a significant strain on your mental health. While you are focusing on keeping your body fit and healthy, don’t forget to take care of your mental health too.

It’s OK not to be OK. There is nothing wrong with admitting you are struggling mentally and getting help. There is strength in knowing when you need assistance, and you can then work through your issues until you regain your healthy mindset. You can visit to connect with licensed therapists who can help you regain a healthy mindset whenever you need.

Meditation, practicing mindfulness, and allowing your mind the chance to experience what you are going through and to process it too will help.

Diaries to write down thoughts and feelings. Communication with those around to let them know how you feel and their opinion can be a massive weight off your mind. It will also help you to share any concerns and worries you have and potentially make life easier for you.

Change it up

2020 is all about change. Change in life, change in habits, and a difference in the world as we know it.

Embracing the change and incorporating it into your life and daily routine can give your mental and physical health a considerable boost.

Use this time to do something different. That you haven’t done before, be it trying new foods, a new type of exercise or taking up a new hobby. Look at how you can change up your life and add something new and different.

Make 2020 the year you find something new in your life and build new habits that you can take with you once the world starts returning to normal.

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