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Careers You Can Prepare For Online

Careers You Can Prepare For Online

Careers You Can Prepare For Online Staff
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Nowadays people don’t tend to stay in on career for their whole life. With so many resources and new opportunities that open up n a daily basis, it would almost be silly to stick to one career path and just one set of skills. It’s never too late to start considering a move in careers even if you’ve been doing what you are now for many years. It’s even possible to train for some careers at home, which opens up even more variety and opportunities, especially if you haven’t got the time or money to stop working to train full time.

If you’re fed up of your current role or are just looking for something new it can be a daunting task thinking about the opportunities that are available and where you should think about starting. Have a look below at some of the careers you could consider preparing for online:


Ok, so accountancy is well known for being boring and you have to be crazy about numbers and good with numbers in order to get any with it but it can open up a lot of opportunities for you. And, if you happen to be someone who methodical, good with numbers and organized it can be a great job role for you. You have the option to work for one company in-house as well as freelancing and becoming self-employed. This means that you’re able to work from or anywhere in the world. What’s better than that for an opportunity?

Wedding Planner

We’ve all seen the movies and wondered how on earth people get into these sorts of roles. It’s not a made-up role though, it’s, in fact, something that requires an array of skills such as a lot of organization, event planning, customer service, budget control and many more.

As a wedding planner, you are often in charge of what some people consider one of the biggest and most important days of their lives so you need to be able to revel in high pressured situations, you will get to know and understand each client’s wants and needs, plan and book the event and then be there on the day to make sure it runs as it should.

It’s often advised that you look at completing a wedding planner course before tackling a role like this. This can be a highly rewarding career, especially when you get to see the effect and happiness it has on people’s lives.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is always highly sought after and therefore makes it a perfect career to consider training for, what’s even better is you can do it from home. You will need to complete work experience eventually but all the theory side of things can be looked at and completed with home courses where you can have direct access to tutors.

A nurse practitioner is often the person you see is you require medical attention but it doesn’t warrant seeing a doctor, they are able to administer medication, perform small procedures such as cleaning wounds and they also have the nasty job of inoculations. If you’re looking for a role in medicine but don’t like the idea of leaving your current job role to train as a doctor then starting as a nurse practitioner could be just what you’re looking for.

Freelance Writer

This is another role that you are able to train for online and in your spare time. If you’re looking to train your skills after hours from your normal job or on the weekend then this role is available completely online. Some people choose to take up writing a blog which included topics that they’ve researched and they are passionate about such as travel.

There is an abundance of different courses you can complete in order to improve your writing skills, including your basic English as an adult. In this role, you will find yourself creating work for all sorts of different sectors, making every day different from the next.

You will most likely work self-employed and this means you have the opportunity to work from wherever you want, including the other side of the world. Many people who are keen travelers look to get trained in this sort of role purely for the freedom it gives them. Saying that it can be an extremely time consuming and demanding role.

These are only three roles you can prepare for online there are many more, do you have any that you have trained for or are considering? Please share them in the comments section below.

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