8 Ways To Share Your Expertise Online And Get Paid

8 Ways To Share Your Expertise Online And Get Paid


It’s good to share knowledge and wisdom. There could be people out there that can benefit from your insights. The internet can be a great place to share your knowledge as you can connect to people all around the world – even when it comes to the most niche topics and facts, there is likely to be someone out there who can benefit.

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It’s good to share knowledge and wisdom. There could be people out there that can benefit from your insights. The internet can be a great place to share your knowledge as you can connect to people all around the world – even when it comes to the most niche topics and facts, there is likely to be someone out there who can benefit.

On top of being rewarded by helping others, you can also get paid for sharing your expertise online. Below are just a few ways to share your expertise online and get paid for it.

Start A Blog

A lot of people share their knowledge via a blog. A blog allows you to focus on a topic you’re passionate about. It’s ideal for avid writers.

Most people run a blog as a hobby, however it is possible to make money blogging. If your blog becomes successful enough, you may be able to make money via ad revenue. This involves displaying adverts on your blog – every time someone clicks on these adverts, you get a small amount of revenue. You can also set up paid subscriptions or make money through sponsored content.

Of course, to get to this stage, you’ll need to build up a large audience of readers. This involves consistently posting high-quality engaging content – which isn’t easy. You can find some tips on creating blog content here. Make sure to set up social media pages to support your blog and share your posts here. There are various different platforms that you can use to start a blog that are worth comparing – these include WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Wix and Weebly.

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Start A Vlog

A vlog is similar to a blog but instead of creating written posts you create video posts. You get to choose a topic and post content when you fancy. If you’re good at speaking and you’re comfortable behind a camera, vlogging could be ideal for you.

Like a blog, you can make money via ad revenue and sponsored content, as well as setting up paid subscriptions via platforms like Patreon. This all requires you to build an audience of loyal viewers first.

The key is to make your content engaging – there are many tips you can find online about creating successful vlogging content. Investing in a good quality camera, microphone and video editing software could be vital for ensuring that your content is high quality. YouTube is the best platform for starting a vlog.

Start A Podcast

A podcast consists of audio content, usually in the form of an ongoing series. Podcasts are great for those that are skilled at speaking but who may not want to go behind a camera. Like a blog or vlog, you can establish the topic that you want to talk about.

You can make money via a podcast through advertising. Sponsored content and affiliate marketing is also a popular way to make money. On top of this, you may be able to release exclusive paid content.

As with blogging and vlogging however, before you can make any money, you need to build an audience. This involves making each podcast episode engaging so that people keep tuning in. Make sure to buy yourself a good quality microphone. You can host podcasts via platforms like Buzzsprout, Spreaker, PodBean and SoundCloud.

Sell An E-Book

Another option could be to sell an e-book. Writing an e-book could be a chance to deep-dive into a subject that you’re an expert in. Unlike a physical book, an e-book can be as long or short as you desire and you can easily self-publish it (Amazon’s KDP and Apple’s iBooks Author are popular publishing platforms, as well as free options like Smashwords). .

From every sale of your e-book, you’ll make money. If popular enough, it can become a great source of income. The tricky part is getting it to sell.

Promotion is key to getting people to buy your book. This could involve investing in social media ads, building a website and contacting bloggers for reviews. Make sure that the cover is high quality and that the title is snappy. You can read tips online for creating an e-book that sells.

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Become A Tutor/Mentor

You could also consider becoming a tutor or a mentor. This typically involves giving one-on-one lessons or consultations online – usually via voice or video call. Most people are willing to pay for such lessons and consultations, providing that you’re a credible expert.

Just how can you prove that you’re a credible expert? Having credentials in a subject may help (such as qualifications in French, if you’re teaching French). Alternatively, you could simply have experience (if you decide to become a startup coach, the fact that you’ve started multiple businesses in the past could be enough to make you credible).

There are platforms online that are ideal for joining if you want to become a mentor. These can help connect you with clients actively seeking out your help. You get to set your fees – this could be done on an hourly basis or by consultation. The more experience you get as a tutor or mentor, the more you can reasonably charge clients.

Launch An Online Course

You could also consider creating an online course. Such courses have become very popular in recent years and can be in any topic. Courses could consist of written and video content with tests included – people pay to download the course in a similar fashion to an ebook, allowing you to make a steady source of income if it gets popular.

Getting people to sign up to your online course requires a lot of promotion. Make sure to build a website that links to your course, as well as social media pages. Invest in ads and consider some SEO too. In your course description, make sure to prove your credibility as an expert.

There are many online course platforms out there that you can use to create a course. When setting the price, consider who your customer is and how in-depth your course is – basic courses should be priced quite low, while more advanced niche courses can be priced more highly.

Host A Paid Webinar

A webinar is a seminar but hosted online. It’s typically broadcasted live via video call – you can charge people to sign up to it as you would with a physical seminar. The webinar could be on any subject that you are knowledgeable about.

In order to get people to attend your webinar, you need to first establish yourself as an expert. Already having a popular blog, vlog or podcast could help. Alternatively, you may be an influential enough figure that you can gain credibility without this. You then need to promote your webinar to make sure that people sign up. Promote it as you would with an event – create a hashtag on social media and create adverts.

You can host a webinar via a video call program like Zoom. When setting a date, try to plan several months in advance.

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Launch An App

You can also share your expertise via apps. These could be apps that allow users to record data and then share personalised advice based on this data – this could be advice on anything from dieting to handling depression.

A good app can cost a lot of money to produce. Make sure that you’ve got thousands of dollars to invest. You can eventually make back your money through purchases and ad revenue. The ability to purchase extra content is a common way for app developers to make money.

You can find advice on building an app online. Start by establishing a basic concept and then approach different app developers for quotes.

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