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5 Easy Ways To Build Stronger Culture at Work

5 Easy Ways To Build Stronger Culture at Work

5 Easy Ways To Build Stronger Culture at Work

Valuing your employees is an important by often overlooked aspect of office management. A happy employee is more productive and interacts with your customers in a much better way. In this article we look at 5 ways you can value your team members and ensure that they are recognized and rewarded.

1. Value Employee Input

When workers feel like their voice is being heard, they’re happier because you emphasize that they’re more than just a revenue stream. Surveys are a great way to do this, especially because certain employees may have valuable feedback but prefer not to have to voice their opinions in a group.

Include questions about company culture, happiness, and job satisfaction. Keep the survey anonymous and you’ll receive far more candid responses.

2. Throw Office Celebrations

Boost up smaller, less official holidays by throwing potlucks and game days. Try bring your dog to work day, national high five day, or national pizza day. All make great excuses to get employees out of their offices and socializing.

3. Take the Team Off-Site

There is much benefit to taking the team out of the office. Outside the office, people are able to get acquainted, without the pressure of the workday. It also provides an opportunity for employees to get to know new sides of their coworkers.

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Many venues offer team building activities designed for companies, but there are plenty of other options too. Making a monthly company golfing day, taking a biannual trip to a nearby museum, or even instituting regular casual dinners are great places to start (and it doesn’t need to be expensive for the company). Having employees vote on their chosen outing is another great way to engage company culture.

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4. Choose an Open Office Layout or Appoint Ambassadors

Choosing a more open layout encourages interdepartmental collaboration and makes people more familiar with their peers.

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Likewise, having department ambassadors can help increase communication and cooperation between departments. Even scheduling group lunches that bring together two or three department representatives to develop inter-departmental initiatives. Just make sure you reward those employees financially for their extra work!

5. Recognize Outstanding Employee Achievement

People love being recognized when they’ve done a good job. To enhance your company culture it’s important to implement a sort of achievement recognition program.

To find the right ways to build company culture, always remember your people are at the heart. These five strategies to improve cohesive culture can begin the process of building your company culture are a great way to start, and each option allows near infinite customization that you can tailor to enhance your company’s values, and the overall happiness and well-being of all the employees there.

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