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Top 3 Best Internal Communication Tools For Your Business In 2021

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Top 3 Best Internal Communication Tools For Your Business In 2021 Staff
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It’s no secret that internal communication plays a huge role in employee engagement. Yet a lot of businesses fail to grasp its importance. But that’s not all. Internal communication allows your business to communicate its story.

Plus, it represents every person in your workforce while considering their unique identity, perception, and culture. That is how you align communication with purpose and engagement.

Additionally, it’s a way to;

  • Increase your employee retention rates
  • Attract the top talent the market has to offer
  • Keep your employees happier.
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce involuntary turnover
  • Increase employee innovation

Why You Need Effective Internal Communication

Currently, running a business isn’t just about focusing on your finances or making your clients happy. It’s also about ensuring that your employees get the best experience. That’s why you need to give more transparency, collaboration, and feedback.

When you direct your focus internally, you are making efforts with your most loyal brand champions- your employees. Here are two ways that step can change your business.

Positive Impacts With Your Clients

In case you are still wondering where we’re going with this, it’s pretty simple. A happy employee equals a more satisfied customer. How? Because of better and improved customer service. More importantly, happy employees are usually pretty loyal.

And they work hard in inspiring the same kind of loyalty in other employees and customers alike. Additionally, a survey by Forbes found that all the 100 companies ranked as best workplaces align their employees’ experiences with their customer success. These companies had the highest growth rate (five times more than other companies) around the country. Impressive right?

Better Workplace Environment

It’s no secret that a lack of communication can be very frustrating. Human beings like to socialize, relate and keep in touch with each other. If you lack this, then your organization is flawed. Additionally, poor communication is detrimental to your business.

The first place it will impact is your employee’s morale. It’s no secret that our employees will not keep deadlines without proper communication and will have a hard time completing their tasks since no one is sure what you want.

That can seriously eat at their morale, motivation, engagement, enthusiasm, and interest to work for your company. These employees can become part of the 47 percent of employees searching for a new job in the country. But what happens if they decide to stay?

According to a recent report, collaboration can affect loyalty and efficiency at the workplace. But this will reduce with no (or insufficient) communication. Strained cross-collaboration can lead to stifled innovation since there’s no one to share your ideas with or track your progress in coming up with something fantastic.

That is merely tragic for a business. But with the right internal communication tools and collaboration tools, there’s hope.

Top 3 Types Of Internal Communication Tool

Here are communication tools you should consider in your business for 2021:

Digital Signage

If you are looking for a more passive internal communications method then digital signage is for you. It’s a great way of sharing information and updates with your employees without adding to the burden of communication channels they have to check all the time actively.

Depending on the information your employees need, your screens can have a single piece of information like announcements or have a collection of ever-changing content. Additionally, it’s cost-effective to update it and seamless to use.

Plus, you can schedule the times the screen plays your content for employees to consume as they work. The best digital signage platform should allow you to integrate with any mobile app and use it on numerous devices, including iOS.

Employee Intranet

An employee intranet is a communications network that you host online. It’s usually private and restricted. That means that only you and your employees and team members can access it. Intranets allow you and your employees to collaborate on various tasks, train, get feedback, and, more importantly, communicate.

With the right intranet solutions, you can bundle it with other internal communications software, and your team can still access it from inside their intranet portal. For instance, you can integrate it with Slack or collaboration tools like Google Docs. That’s why most businesses think of it as a tool kit. So how do you know you have the right product?

A good employee intranet solution allows file sharing, collaboration, and communication. Additionally, you can customize, create and access your online portal with much ease. Plus, you can use it to send out internal newsletters, hold video calls, and task management. Some of the best company intranet solutions include Yammer, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams in the Office 365 suite, Google Drive, Simpplr, and Workplace by Facebook.

Employee Social Networks

Sometimes, employees want to get to know each other in the workplace. But since the information they want to share is entirely frivolous, posting it on tools like intranets or Slack doesn’t quite sit well with most. Plus, you can’t use emails for this.

That’s where employee social networks come in. These internal communication tools are great in numerous ways. For starters, it gives your employees a chance to be more expressive and chat openly since it’s almost like using a typical social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

You can use it to create the community that you want with your business, build transparency and give your employees a platform to discuss more than just work-related interests in their chat groups. It’s undoubtedly the perfect team-building platform for remote teams.

It includes tools like Jostle, which you can get on desktop or mobile devices like Android, iOS, and browser.

Final thoughts

Investing in internal communication is the best way to ensure that you and your employees are more productive, engaged, and enthusiastic about your business. It’s a sure way to grow and keep your clients happy as well. Plus, it’s a great way to share information, company news, and receive feedback from your employees. Take your pick from the above tools for a more efficient internal communication strategy.

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