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4 Of The Most Common Complaints About Resume Writing Services, And Why They’re Bunk

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4 Of The Most Common Complaints About Resume Writing Services, And Why They’re Bunk Staff
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Any time you have heard anyone talk or even mention anything about resume writing services, it seems to be that they aren’t worth the money. It seems that everyone has that assumption about these services. Most of the time though, those people complaining about it haven’t even tried it out for themselves. They are just basing their opinion on what someone else has said, or just the stigma around resume writing services.

Whether the price seems daunting or you just aren’t sure you trust giving over information to a stranger, these are the 4 most common complaints about resume writing services, and exactly why we think they’re bunk.

1. They Are Too Expensive

If you have done any research on resume writing services, you should know that they don’t come cheap. You could find a cheaper writing service, but you’re sacrificing quality of work. Most services now are in the range of $75 on the lower end, to upwards of $300 for a premium package. Yikes! Now, here is why you shouldn’t balk at those prices.

You are paying for a service, first and foremost. A quality one at that, that will take longer than a couple days to crank out. You are paying someone to format and write a quality resume for you. One that could be tailored specifically to a certain industry (which we will get more into later). That will come with a bigger price tag.

Think about this like you would think about buying something expensive, luxury. Like an expensive pair of those new wireless headphones everyone wants. If you go with the cheaper version, you’re going to suffer. Yes, they work, but their quality is way less than those more expensive ones.

2. They Don’t REALLY Have Professional Writers; They Just Say That To Get Your Business

Yes, for some resume writing services, they don’t use professional resume writers, and it will show. Price wise and turnaround time wise. If it seems that the price is just too right or the turnaround time is quick, you can assume that the quality of work will be poor.

Most resume writing services set you up with a professional writer that will actually communicate with you while they are writing your resume. They will ask questions and make sure that you get a unique to you resume that highlights the best qualities for your industry.

Which leads us to the even more specialized writers, ones who come from a certain industry and know how to write the perfect resume for that industry. This knowledge and experience is gold because they know what hiring managers are looking for in a resume. They know what experience to high light and what skills need to be top of the list.

3. They Take Too Long

Another big complaint is the turn around time. Why do you think that is? Would you think something you only took a few hours on if it normally takes a couple days to do will turn out high quality? No, it won’t. Quality work will take time. You have to sacrifice time and money to let someone else write your resume, but the advantage could be that it will come out top quality and land you an interview right away.

4. They Don’t Really Get You An Interview, They Just Say That To Get Your Business

While this may seem true on the surface, taking a deeper dive into why they think they can get you an interview, it will make more sense. If you have a unique resume that stands out from the numerous other resumes the hiring manger is looking at, chances are she will choose the one resume that stands out to interview. Why is that?

Hiring managers are looking for people that stand out. That show they care about detail and put work into their resume. They didn’t just use a random template that looked colorful and fun on Word and plug in their work history. You took time and effort to make this resume, which shows your work ethic and dedication. Even though you didn’t necessarily make that resume.

Some resume writing services will even rewrite your resume free of cost if you don’t get an interview in the first month or so. That can be really helpful if maybe the resume writer missed a certain skill that you need for your industry. It can come in handy.

Have you made your own conclusions about resume writing services yet? It’s important to always do your research and not base your opinion on something someone told you about a service they have never used. Most of the time it is just heresay and not true at all. We hope you look into using a resume writing service because we believe they are a great option for people that struggle with resumes. It can be a great tool to a lot of people!

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