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Top Of The Agenda: Fire, Virus And Mental Health

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Top Of The Agenda: Fire, Virus And Mental Health Staff
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It’s not a commercial secret, health and safety is the most important thing now. Businesses across the world have to put their employees’ well being front and center. It’s not just because it’s the humane thing to do, but any business that is caught not paying due attention to the health and safety of employees will be railroaded. Our culture has shifted, workers’ rights are now more important, and if businesses want staff to come back they have to go the extra mile. So doing a full safety report at your premises and getting it signed off from regulators, is highly recommended now.

Full Fire Safety Report

The first thing you should start off with, is the basics. Fire safety is an annual task that every business must complete. Checking your fire alarms for faults, as well as sprinklers, fire extinguishers and ventilation is part and parcel of your ability to get them all clear. If you do have issues with your fire alarms, you’ll need to hire electricians. For Commercial electrical services contact CLF Services today and speak with them about how you could improve your fire safety systems. They offer fire preventative services, so you may be led to better temperature sensors, smoke detectors and far better fire alarms. Don’t neglect your fire extinguishers, ventilation systems and other technology that could help you pass an inspection.

Basic Virus Safety

It should be clear as day to you, that safety from the virus is crucial for employee wellbeing and confidence in returning to the office. You should have a sanitizer bottle on every single desk. A small 50-100ml sanitizer bottle can last up to a month and it’s very cheap. Having bacterial wipes close by to each desk is also helpful. Employees may feel better if they can wipe down their office in the morning before sitting down to work. Distancing the desks about 1-2 meters might not just be useful, but it might also be the law temporarily. Governments want employees to come back to work at the office, so obeying this can show local authorities you’re one of the businesses that are complying; preventing your business from being shut down.

Mental Health

Mental health support is going to become the norm, if not already. The past few months have shone a light on how fragile some employees’ mental health really is. So having some kind of mental health support at work, be it in the form of a therapist, therapist service or local authority support, should be one of your priorities. It’s easy to understand how the recent pressures and emotional anguishes of losing loved ones, financial problems and other things can take their toll. Making employees aware they have a mental health service at work can be done through email newsletters, physical letters, or announcements in meetings.

Show your employees you have really truly put their health and well being at the top of your list of things to do. Fire safety, virus safety and mental health are all things every business owner should focus on.

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