Top 3 Apps To Increase Your Productivity As A Developer


Development environments can be very faced paced so it’s important to have the right tools at hand to enable you to be efficient and stay on top of your tasks. In this article Charles Richards gives you 3 simple solutions to help take your software or web development to the next level of productivity.

Top 3 Apps To Increase Your Productivity As A Developer
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Digital Revolution isn’t new to us anymore. We see and use various kinds of digital technologies in almost everything we do, and everywhere we go now. We probably won’t be able to see a single individual without a smartphone at this age, to say the least.

Several companies have already started leveraging the power of mobile apps to deliver a better result to their clients. And whether it is about sharing information, communicating, networking and connecting with employees & customers, mobile technology plays a vital role. But have you ever wondered how many of these apps are actually productive or do they allow you to perform your job better? In the following post, I would like to mention a few apps that will increase your productivity at all levels of business.

#1 Wunderlist

One of the best apps to take into account. You may ask, why? First of all, it’s free! In addition to this, it allows an app developer to create as many separate lists as you want easily and file them accordingly. This will make sure that everything remains organized.

The app is built in such a way that it allows to access lists from anywhere and on any device. The moment you sign up, all the lists that you made are saved in the cloud. So in case, if you made a list on your computer at lunchtime, you can simply access it on your iPhone screen.

With an ability to share with primary users. All you require doing is set a due date for that task or else you can also request a reminder to be sent if the task has yet not been ticked off.

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#2 SwiftKey Keyboard

I am sure as a developer, you must have used stock keyboard till now, but it’s time to experience awesomeness. Developers across the world have been working really hard to increase the typing speed of the people on touch screen phones. Sliding typing is one such invention to be taken into consideration. However, this method in particular eliminated the need to tap every button on the screen to write. Just place your finger on the screen once. All you can do is slide it over the alphabets to complete the word without lifting your finger even for a microsecond.

#3 Speek

Conference calling plays a crucial part in how businesses operate. This enables teams, and individuals, working in different offices around the world to brainstorm, plan and discuss. Good news, there is an app for this! This specialist conference calling app lets you get on with the work without creating any fuss.

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Pick a personal link that takes the place of the traditional PIN or phone numbers. Afterward, send it to the other callers, when you wish to join the call all simply click that link from their tablet, smartphone, desktop, etc to join in. Without the movement of third parties, hold music or dodgy lines. You are turning your desk upside looking for the dial-in PIN or struggling to interpret the crackling voices on the other lines, remember it doesn’t have to be that way.

And top it all off, its free!

Do you have any favourite apps that you can recommend to fellow developers? Let us know in the comments!

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