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The Ultimate Winter Wellness Guide

The Ultimate Winter Wellness Guide

The Ultimate Winter Wellness Guide

Although it might seem that summer only ended yesterday, winter is nearly here. This means that it’s time to consider how the changes in weather might influence our health. And when it comes to our wellness, we have to take care of ourselves no matter what season it is. So, if you’re wondering what it is that you can do for your body this winter, here’s a great guide for you.

Adjust your diet

Eating healthy food loaded with vitamins is essential when winter arrives. Your immune system can drop during winter months, so, in order to build it up again, you have to be smart with your food choice. Eating seasonal is where you should start. Visit your local farmers’ market and get some beetroot, potatoes pomegranates and tangerines, or any other citrus fruit. The citruses will provide you with vitamin C, while salmon, tuna, cereals and milk can help you with the vitamin D levels. The food you eat should also be warming, so make soups and stews whenever possible. Another thing that can warm you up is tea, so drink a lot of it with some ginger and honey for hydration and flu prevention.

Stay active


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Although the weather might not seem to be ideal for spending time outside, you should still make the best of winter. Simply wear adequate clothes to stay warm and go walking or running. There are some amazing winter sports for you to try, so don’t hesitate to put on your skis, snowshoes or skates. You can even get a snowboard, if you’re up for a challenge. On the other hand, if you don’t want to exercise outside, you can always join a gym or a yoga class. There is a whole variety of indoor exercises for you to choose from, so don’t let the short days and the cold air stop you from doing what your body needs to stay healthy and fit.

Take care of your skin

Even though you can’t really see the sun or feel its effects on your skin while outdoors, it’s a trap you should avoid. Wear sunscreen to the exposed areas of skin, especially your face, and reapply it every few hours. To protect your skin from the wind, rain, snow and the cold, wear gloves and a scarf when you go outside. Drink plenty of liquids to hydrate your skin from the inside, but also use moisturising creams and lotions to hydrate it from the outside. Be careful with the quality of skin-care products you use. Invest in a premium moisturiser range which will help you prevent dryness, redness and irritation of the skin due to winter conditions.

Tend to your mental health


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As days get shorter and you see less sun, you could easily drift away and end up feeling blue. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a type of depression that usually starts in the fall and continues all through the winter, till the days become noticeably longer in spring. The symptoms include loss of focus, changes in appetite and disruption in your sleeping routine. If you think you suffer from SAD, you can talk to a psychologist or a psychiatrist to find out how to treat it. However, not feeling your usual self and being sad or losing interest in the things you usually enjoy can simply mean you need a bit more sun. So, spend time outside whenever you can, watch comedies and sitcoms, read good books, listen to your favourite music, talk to your friends or spend time with your pet. Find what makes you happy and do it as often and as much as possible.

Sleep well

You go to bed when you’re done with all your daily tasks and you wake up when you have to. The hours you spend sleeping vary from one day to the next. This is what you have to change. Sleeping is important, and it’s exactly while you’re asleep that your body and mind are restored. Create a good bedtime routine, so that you can fall asleep at more or less the same time every evening and wake up at the same time every morning. Maintain this routine even during weekends, since it’s the consistency in your sleeping schedule that allows your body to make the best of your nightly rest and function properly during the day. Also, winter days might seem perfect to stay in bed all day long and sleep more than you usually do, but it’s crucial for your wellness to resist that urge and stick to your regular sleeping habits.

Maintaining your wellness all year long is something you have to invest time, thought and energy into. Once you do that, you can fully enjoy any season, including winter.

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