The Magnificent Seven: 7 Life-changing Transition Tips From Military Veterans


According to statistics provided by Federal resume guide during their research every year around 200,000 military service members begin their transition from their military careers to civilian careers. Military veterans often face numerous obstacles in their transition to the lifestyle of the ordinary citizen and in this article we look at 7 ways veterans can transition out of the military and into civilian life.

The Magnificent Seven: 7 Life-changing Transition Tips from Military Veterans
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According to statistics provided by Federal resume guide during their research every year around 200,000 military service members begin their transition from their military careers to civilian careers.

Military veterans often face numerous obstacles in their transition to the lifestyle of the ordinary citizen. It seems that not enough veterans are utilizing tools to improve their success in the civilian world, such as mentors and military resumes writers. Just a few years ago, a study on military veterans found that they encountered the following challenges:

  •  40% of veterans face financial issues
  •  41% of veterans have trouble adapting to the civilian culture after military service
  •  39% of veterans struggle to apply military-based skills to their new civilian lives
  •  55% of veterans find it challenging to land a job in the civilian workforce
  •  60% of veterans cannot efficiently access and use the Veteran Affairs’ (VA) benefits, programs and other veteran services

Despite these problems, there are some things that veterans can do to prepare themselves for their transition into civilian life. One of the essential things that veterans can do is to get professional resume assistance from military resume writers. This trick is helpful for those who seek employment in the federal government following their military service.

Seven Easy Steps to Conquer Your Civilian Life

Here are 7 tips that military veterans have provided for those who are about to separate or retire from active duty service in any of the branches of the military:

 1. Security Clearance Information

Separating or retiring military members should discuss their security clearance with a local military intelligence section. If the security clearance expires, an employer must take on the related costs and risks of sending a potential employee through the clearance and hiring process.

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2. GI Bill

Military members who have served on active duty since September 10, 2001, are entitled to some level of benefit for the Post-9/11 GI Bill. This benefit includes either partial or full tuition payment by the VA for university education, a monthly housing allowance and a $1,000 stipend for books. Veterans should speak to the veteran office of any college or university that they are interested in.

3. Combining Coursework with Work

With the Post-9/11 GI Bill, there are many ways for veterans to work during the day while taking classes either at night or remotely, whenever they have time to do coursework. Veterans should research sites that list the undergraduate and graduate degrees that they would like to achieve while also performing their day jobs.

4. VA Healthcare System

Veterans need to enroll in the VA healthcare system through a local VA hospital or their official site as soon as possible. The VA personnel will perform a physical, drug test, and some basic laboratory work on the veteran patient’s blood during the first appointment.

 5. Living in a New Location

Some veterans may be interested in moving away from their hometowns, especially after traveling around the country or even the world through their military experiences. There are many websites to research areas with the top hiring locations and the most desirable places to live and work, here and abroad.

 6. Be an Entrepreneur

Veterans who start small businesses get an advantage in terms of government contracts through the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) through Veterans’ Preference. Veterans’ Preference also gives specific categories of veterans an advantage over others in practically all federal jobs

7. Mental Health

Veterans with mental health concerns or issues must get themselves evaluated by a VA physician. Keep in mind that veterans taking care of their mental health will not lose their security clearances.

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Professional translation of your military skills

There are many skills that veterans have learned that will transfer well into the civilian world. Thankfully, there are professional military resume writers that can work with military veterans to optimize their resumes, better preparing them for their civilian lives. Key skills that veterans learn that are relevant for many career fields include:

  • leadership
  • management
  • communication
  • data entry
  • MS Office
  • teamwork

Professional military resume writers can help veterans with highlighting their skills, career objectives, relevant education and training, and many other facets of the resume-building process. These professionals can also assist veterans with tweaking the resume so that it attracts the veteran’s target industry. Top-rated military resume writer can inform the veteran what information should be on the resume and what information is non-essential. These services are a great aid to those veterans who are seeking employment in the federal government.

It is very honorable for people to serve their country in a military capacity. Some veterans make the vital decision to continue to serve their country in a federal government capacity. Veterans interested in federal employment as civilians can significantly increase their hiring success by consulting military resumes writers before applying for their next federal job.

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