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Setting Up A Home Recording Studio For Professional Results

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Setting Up A Home Recording Studio For Professional Results Staff
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In this article we will look at about setting up a recording studio at home for professional results that sound great.

These days you only need a PC or laptop and a decent microphone to record. However, there’s no need to stop at that when you can easily slowly scale up to a full setup that includes pro audio equipment which enables you to create incredibly polished results.

If you’re in the market for a creative home upgrade, you’ll want to take a look at what you need to set up a home studio.

Recording Equipment

Your computer is your priority when it comes to recording equipment. It is at the heart of what you are doing and it is worth the majority of your investment, especially if you’re looking to provide a professional voice over service . Realistically, it should have been released within the last three years and it should have:

  • 15 inch screen (for laptops)
  • 4GB RAM
  • At least 256GB
  • 1TB storage held internally or externally
  • 2.2GHZ processor

There is no machine that is ‘the best’, especially when choosing between Mac and Windows. Realistically, it just needs to be high-spec and compatible with the hardware you plan to use. You can find a ton of reviews on YouTube to help you choose.

When it comes to your audio interface you should have multiple outputs so that you can have a complete band setup if that is what you want to do. You can use a digital mixer instead which tends to enable more outputs but they can be really expensive.

Headphones Or No?

With minimal room and minimal budget you should invest in the best possible headphones you can afford, reference-quality if possible. There are lots of adjustments you can make to give more depth and quality to the sound you hear whilst using headphones, many of which you will learn as you become more technically educated on the topic. The great thing is you can learn everything you need online, if you’re willing to put the time in.

If you have more of a budget then you need to treat the room and use studio monitors. There are endless options to choose from and realistically, it is best to get some professional advice. If you can’t, again, YouTube is a great source of information. Listing different cheap materials you can use to prepare your room, as well as technical hacks that enable you to bypass common problems associated with listening and monitoring devices.


Microphones are important for your voiceover recordings, especially if you plan to record a podcast. Those new to this area of purchasing can find themselves confused about whether a dynamic or condenser microphone. This is very confusing and it gets very technical, very quickly.

In most instances, vocal focus in your work calls for a dynamic microphone, whereas detail and sensitivity is the focus of a condenser mic, which helps with people moving around a lot, or where noise is not stable in one location. If you’re providing a specialised voiceover service (e.g. Arabic or welsh voice over work) then a dynamic microphone is the one to go for.

I Can’t Setup At Home…

If you cannot setup a recording studio at home but you need good audio for your project, consider renting equipment out for your individual project. It can be cheaper than trying to buy it all yourself, and better than using lower grade equipment that is all you can get with your current budget.

Alternatively, learn a lot about the topic and get creative. A great voiceover can be recorded well at home. Fantastic music can be recorded well, and used in amateur projects. There is also nothing wrong with learning as you go, and improving with time.

The fact is that knowledge is power, and the more interest you take in the topic, the more likely you are to have the skills and know-how to create something amazing, right in your own home.

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