The Importance Of Air Quality At Work And Home

The Importance Of Air Quality At Work And Home

The Importance Of Air Quality At Work And Home

There are so many work environments that are not safe for us. Farms, factories, bakeries and so many other places aren’t as friendly as we might think they are. But do you think that your workspace is safe?

Offices usually keep those old-fashioned carpets and cubicles that can make your breathing problems even worse. And not only that – other things can make breathing a lot harder for those who already have breathing problems.

Many offices still use carpets to absorb noises, blanket the cold floor and define space areas for their employees. But they are also a famous source of VOC (Volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde – two of the things that can trigger asthma attacks or symptoms of it. Adhesives are another source of VOCs, including acetone or methyl ethyl ketone that cause eye irritation and can affect the nervous system.

If you seat close the printer, you might want to change that. Even if you love the smell of fresh printed paper, laser printers and copiers are sources of indoor air pollution. In a 2012 study, researchers ended up concluding that “laser printers and photocopiers could be a relevant source of fine particles and particularly UFP (ultrafine particles) in office rooms”, and these particles can get deep into your lungs and aggravate asthma and other related problems.

Crazy, right?

Those bad things can affect your health and also your productivity. But whether you work in a factory or in one of those fancy offices, chemicals and allergens that can trigger your allergies always surround you. The important thing is that you should be aware of what’s surrounding your work environment so you can take control of it. Having an air quality monitor can help you figure out what’s going on, so you can change whatever is bothering you. Besides that, you can:

  • Pick or request an office space that is away from the printer
  • Have an indoor plant that can help absorb some toxins like formaldehyde.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean your workspace

While you may not be able to renovate your office ventilation system, that will help you to breath better and avoid more fatigue and lack of productivity. Stay hydrated, take care of your personal space and watch out for the air you breathe!

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