6 Outdoor Activities That Boost Our Health

6 Outdoor Activities That Boost Our Health


Getting fit and healthy doesn’t mean exercising in a stuffy gym, there’s plenty of things you can do outside to boost your health and well being. In this article Jessie Hogarth looks at 6 fun ways you can get outdoors and get healthy.

6 Outdoor Activities That Boost Our Health
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Staying healthy is important and takes a lot of effort. But it can also be fun and invigorating, and importantly, you can do it in different ways. Physical activity was promoted as beneficial for health for a long time, although only in the recent decades did it reach the wider audience.

However, many people don’t want to go to the gym or simply are not motivated to workout at home. Luckily, the variety of outdoor activities offers a range of choices and not doing anything is only a bad excuse.

If you are ready to boost your health and feel great, there are several outdoor activities to try.


During the hot days, there are not many activities which would be good to practice due to the high temperatures. But you can always go swimming, especially if you live by the sea, river or lake. This activity is good for the spine and overall body musculature.



It’s a low-impact exercise so it’s perfect for those who lack stamina or suffered an injury. It increases flexibility and helps you tone your muscles since water provides excellent resistance. Your lung capacity will increase and stress levels decrease, while it will have a low impact on your joints.


Hiking became so much popular that now you can travel to another country solely to participate in the hiking tours. There are more and more groups dedicated to this activity and with ever-growing awareness of environmental problems, nature is considered as a valuable resource.


couple hiking across green hills

This activity will clear your mind and boost creative processes. If you use a hiking pole, it will then include your upper body, besides the lower one. It has a recorded benefit for the cardiovascular health, dementia, and depression. If you live in the city, find a time to go to a nature reserve or national park. Hiking will help you lower stress levels and calm you after the long and preoccupied week.


Cycling is a wonderful activity which will be good for the body and mind. This is a perfect way to start working on your cardio while at the same time going places. Instead of using public transportation, if possible, go by bike to work.


Landscape Outdoors Cyclist Nature Grass Sky

First, choose the right bike since they differ by difficulty and terrain. If you don’t have a good offer in your town, look at online retailers. “Even though we operate online, we sacrifice none of the personalised service of a local bike shop,” says retailer Bicycles Online on shopping via the Internet.

From Passion To Profit

Additional benefits of cycling include strengthening the lower body, improving cardiovascular health and low impact on your joints. It is also one of the very beneficial activities for the mood and it’s often suggested for people struggling with depression and anxiety.


One of those activities that are all about nature and being calm is yoga. It’s normal to see people gather in a park and practice yoga together. Outdoor yoga is a perfect combination of body-mind exercises that will help your mood and posture, at the very least.


Woman Yoga Meditation Landscape Nature Meditate

It can tone your muscles, increase your flexibility and boost your immune system. People under stress are often advised to try yoga and especially the outdoor one since nature is perfect for meditation. There are different types of yoga, so make sure you start with the most appropriate one for your body and its state.


Tennis is a popular sport and the one which is usually wrongly perceived as not too active. If you find the right partner, then it will help you burn calories and tone your arms. The best thing about tennis is that you can practice it in your backyard, on courts or in a meadow.


Tennis ball on racket

It will involve running, so you will also work on your stamina. In addition, a little competitive game with your partner can lighten the mood and let you have fun. However, don’t underestimate this sport, since it will make your muscles sore in the beginning so be prepared for that as well.


This is another water sport besides swimming that everybody can try. It mostly involves the upper body due to rowing, although you will strengthen your core as well. This is a perfect sport for those who like spending time in nature. You can also do it on the city rivers, seas, and lakes, just make sure it’s allowed.


Kayaking Towards Sunset

Since rowing uses the resistance of water and kayaks may appear a bit unstable, it will take you some time to get your bearings. But if you get tired, just stop rowing and enjoy floating on the water and sounds of nature. You can also enjoy a Kayak Tenerife tour at TripsPoint if you are visting Tenerlife for vacations.

There are many activities you can do outdoors and boost your health, both in body and mind sense. Choose the one most appropriate due to the area where you live, or time you can spare. However, try to do at least the simplest activities like walking, since having any activity at all is better than none.

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