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The Best Online Design Programs For Making Brochures

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Everyone knows that brochures are of great importance for the corporate identity and promotion of the company. Brochures are one the advertising tools that are both cost-effective and effective, such as flyers. If you do not have a designer working in your organization, the job of designing a brochure can turn into an ordeal for you.

However, thanks to the development of the internet world and applications, many alternatives will make your work more accessible in this area. This article will share a free online design program that we think will be useful for you.

You can now prepare brochures yourself, one of the easiest and most effective promotional methods. Make modern and innovative brochures quickly and practically with these ten online design programs. Moreover, you can efficiently prepare your brochures and flyers without hassle with the following online design programs.

JukeboxJukebox company logo

Although Jukebox is an online printing site, designers widely use it for online design. Thanks to the large templates they offer online, you can prepare different designs.

With Jukebox, an easy customization tool to create your free design, you can design not only brochures or flyers but also other products such as business cards, magnets, and envelopes. You can also take inspiration from designs in the ‘Inspiration’ section.

MyCreativeShopMy Creative Shop Logo

One of the sites where you can design online is MyCreativeShop. It allows you to design brochures and flyers with many templates. You can easily create your brochures with the site, serving more than 1000 templates.

You can use the ready-made templates directly or for inspiration while making your design. The MyCreativeShop editor is user-friendly, easy to understand, and allows you to make your designs quickly. Ready-made color themes that you can use while making your designs will help you make an eye-catching design.

FotoJet Fotojet logo

There are many templates for various themes in FotoJet. You can design company brochures, party brochures, or for your different needs. You can look at the examples you need for your design from the modern and original templates on the site.

FotoJet makes your brochure design easy and fun. We are sure that you can find the design you are looking for among many different and innovative designs available for free on the site. Apart from brochures, you can also design banners, posters, invitations, and cards.

PosterMyWall Design Program PosterMyWall logo

While designing a brochure on PosterMyWall, you also design a poster next to the brochure. Thanks to its site design and interface, it is one of the innovative and modern design sites among online sites.

PosterMyWall, which is very easy and fun to use, has creative and modern designs. Designing on this site is a lot of fun because of its use. In addition, the fact that the templates are separated according to the topics provides convenience for the users. In Postermywall, you can create collages, posters, media graphics, brochures, and flyers.

FlyerForFree FlyerForFree logo

With FlyerForFree, which has a wide range of design templates, you can design entirely over the internet without any installation on your computer. If you are going to design a simple brochure, FlyerForFree may be for you.

You can choose the one that suits you from two different sections that offer easy and advanced levels on their site. You can prepare your product by using the templates on the site or by uploading your design, and you can also use the template and use your design.

Lucidpress Design Program Lucidpress logo

Lucidpress is another online design program. You can access Lucidpress online from anywhere, where you can design brochures and flyers without installing a program on your computer. You can log in and continue your design from wherever you want.

You can quickly meet your needs with Lucidpress without learning professional programs to design brochures. Thanks to the easy use of Lucidpress, you can make designs with just the drag and drop method. And that means many people can easily create designs like brochures, flyers, etc. If you use Lucidpress online, you can easily add your files or videos from elsewhere to the design.

Lucidpress is compatible with valuable tools like Google Docs, Youtube, Dropbox, Facebook, and Flickr, and you can quickly add your files here or a video from Youtube if you need to.

For those who want to use online brochures, this feature of Lucidpress looks pretty functional. After your design is finished, you can save your design in the file format you want or share it on sites such as Facebook and Linkedin. With Lucidpress, you can create designs for both online brochures and print.

Papermine Papermine logo

With Papermine, you can design not only brochures but also catalogs and flyers. Papermine, which is used to make online brochures, allows you to design in a practical way thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

You can create digital booklets, brochures, advertising content, and shareable multimedia content for your brand. Papermine is compatible with many devices, from computers to tablets and smartphones. Your design will display appropriately on all of them.

Instead of sending the online promotional materials for your brand dully and classically like PDF, you can make it more active and dynamic with Papermine. So you will notice that you get more interaction and feedback.

Flipsnack Flipsnack logo

At Flipsnack, you can easily convert your PDF brochures into online brochures, or you can design your own from customizable templates. You can create a new design from scratch or customize ready-made templates with the online brochure maker.

With online programs like Flipsnack, you can design a detailed brochure for your events or brand promotions. Flipsnack offers a drag and drop system that is very practical to use. With Flipsnack, you can also create and publish digital brochures. You can use Flipsnack not only for brochures but also for your digital catalogs and magazines.

DesignCap Brochure Maker DesignCap logo

DesignCap Brochure Maker, one of the free brochure design programs, has an excellent template infrastructure. Those who do not want to make a design from scratch can obtain new designs by changing and adapting ready-made templates. Also, let’s say that DesignCap has a wide range of needs, such as fonts, backgrounds, and images.

You can easily use DesignCap for workplace work, personal event visuals, and brand advertising materials. In DesignCap, you can design brochures and posters, calendars, business cards, and newsletters. You proceed by selecting it from the category section. There are many templates within each category.

PsPrint PsPrint logo

In PsPrint, besides brochures, you can also design products such as business cards, postcards, greeting cards, and invitations. PsPrint has categorized the product templates by size, shape, and color. In addition, a separate categorization was made according to the sectors. You can view the construction and architectural templates from a particular place and the training templates from a particular place.

Templates separated by industry will make your job easier when searching for templates. In PsPrint, you can make changes according to your wishes through professionally designed templates or create a new design from scratch. If you want the material you need to be finished quickly and quickly, we recommend making changes and using ready-made templates.


It is now effortless to design brochures practically with our shared online brochure-making sites. Online design programs will come in handy if you don’t have a designer or you want to design materials such as posters, brochures, and flyers for an event.

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