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Take Your Blog To The Next Level With These 4 Steps

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Take Your Blog To The Next Level With These 4 Steps Staff
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Competition between blogs and content creators for the attention of readers has never been more fierce, and it’s only getting harder. Despite this competition, the relatable and personal approach of independent blogs continues to prove itself as a trusty means of engaging with readers on a long-term basis. If you’re finding yourself in a rut with your amateur blog, check out these four simple steps you can take today to help you blog smarter.

1. Take The Time To Find The Best Photos Out TherePerson holding a camera

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Including unique and relevant images to your blog posts can play a massive role in the level of engagement they receive. It is best to avoid using generic stock images where possible, as well as avoiding cramming too many photos into your posts for the sake of it; quality tops quantity in this case.

There are loads of sites with vast libraries of royalty-free images out there, and taking the time to browse a few of them to find the best fit can be worth your time. The alternative, if you have the means and ability to do so, is to show off your photography skills and take your own photos. This will ensure that they are unique and tailored to the topic at hand.

2. Diversify Your Content

This one is two-fold. First, consider adding a visual aspect to your blog every few posts. Whilst written content is great and can be the best way to get your own voice across; there is no denying that trends are moving towards more visual forms of content in recent years. Try and incorporate videos into your content where possible, and where you can’t create your own video content, it is always a good idea to embed a related video clip to engage readers further.

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The other aspect is to try and keep your content current. It may appear challenging at first, especially if your blog is pretty niche, but try and find quirky and unique ways to relate your content to current trends and stories where possible. Obviously don’t allude to news stories that are not on-brand at all, but if you can link them somehow then this can be a great way to increase new traffic to your site.

3. Collaborate With Like-Minded Creators

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Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

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In today’s world of YouTube and TikTok, most people are well aware of the good old fashioned collaboration. Whether it’s creating content, products, or music together, a mutually beneficial ‘collab’ can be a great way to increase your reach without spending any money at all. Reach out to like-minded people whose content you enjoy reading and that you think would add an interesting new opinion or discussion topic on your own blog. This variation in opinions and outlooks can work wonders in increasing your traffic, and any free shoutout you get on their blog, especially if it is to a similar target audience, is an added bonus.

4. Get Help

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Whilst these simple steps can work well in helping grow your amateur blog; there is no denying that professional marketing services can be the best way to take your blog to the next level. If you find yourself stuck in a plateau, they can often provide you with a new approach for a reasonable price. Working with a marketing consultant is often the best way to not only instantly increase the reach of your blog, but to also provide you with a long term plan and allow you to learn more about what works well for your platform.

Whilst these steps will help your blog grow; it is important to remember that the key to success in creating consistently high-quality content. If you need more help with blogging in 2020, check out our list of the top 15 things to keep in mind.

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