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15 Things You Should Know Before Blogging in 2020

15 Things You Should Know Before Blogging in 2020

15 Things You Should Know Before Blogging in 2020 Staff
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Today, in the early weeks and months of 2020, blogging is an attractive prospect for many businesses. While only a quarter of all websites online have blogs, that number is growing, and 65% of marketers say they plan to increase their blogging efforts this year.

Are you going to be one of them?

Blogging is extremely valuable for any business, large or small. Marketers who focus on blogging are 1,300% more likely to see a positive ROI, for one thing. There’s almost no reason not to blog.

Many people cite the fact that there are millions, tens of millions of new blog posts being published every month. That’s true, and yet, only one in five of those blog posts is over 750 words long. With Google’s focus on high quality content, and the average web user’s desire to see something valuable, not something meaningless, it’s surprising how many businesses put in the bare minimum of effort.

Is all of that changing? Will 2020 be the year blogging dies? No. Blogging is and will remain the primary form of content online for years to come, right up until Google senses a paradigm shift in the world at large and adjusts. Until the day we’re all living in augmented reality and video becomes the new written word, blogging is going to be extremely valuable for any website or business online.

Check out all 15 statistics on this infographic about the state of blogging in 2020. Boggle your mind with how much content is being published, and yet how much that content seems to help everyone, despite how little attention you’d think it gets. Draw your own conclusions, but remember one thing: blogging is a powerful technique, and 2020 should be the year you invest in it.

15 Things You Should Know Before Blogging in 2020

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