What I've learned about email these past two weeks
August 2, 2008 by Katy Whitton

We”ve not long migrated from Thunderbird to Entourage at work, which I was a bit hesitant about as I”m a big fan of Thunderbird and have used it quite successfully within my “Getting Things Done” system, plus it made managing emails really easy with the rules and labels that it offers. So, what have I […] … Read More »


Make labels stand out in Thunderbird
July 5, 2007 by Katy Whitton

Following on from my post about keeping your inbox clean, blogger TwisterMC has an interesting post about making labels stand out more in Thunderbird. It involves using the “styleish” extension or hacking the userchrome.css but if you use a lot of labels it could be well worth it. Hat-tip to … Read More »


June 6, 2006 by Katy Whitton

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I recently noticed that some of the emails I had labeled were not being displayed in the search folders which was a bit strange and a bit annoying as I rely on them quite heavily. When I looked at the search folder’s properties, the filter was set […] … Read More »


June 5, 2006 by Katy Whitton

Do you follow David Allen's Getting Things Done Productivity system? Do you use Thunderbird? Did you know that you can use Thunderbird as a GTD tool? Well, now you do! … Read More »


June 2, 2006 by Katy Whitton

I’ve been looking into getting a hosted Microsoft Exchange account so I can access my email anytime, any place anywhere. I already have webmail with my account but the interface is truly awful and half my contacts are in it. The company I was looking at has so far taken 3 days to (fail to) respond […] … Read More »

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