Email On The Go

Email On The Go

I’ve been looking into getting a hosted Microsoft Exchange account so I can access my email anytime, any place anywhere. I already have webmail with my account but the interface is truly awful and half my contacts are in it. The company I was looking at has so far taken 3 days to (fail to) respond to my enquiry as to whether I can get the Exchange hosting as part of a web hosting account and tie in the domain name so they can shove their service where the sun doens’t shine.

I’m a big Thunderbird fan and use it on my PC at home. I was hesitant to install it on my work PC for the obvious reasons so I’ve now downloaded the “Portable Thunderbird” program which runs from my funky USB Thumb Drive (which also doubles as a handy torch when I’m staggering home at stupid-o’clock in the morning). My thoughts so far? It’s brilliant!

I’ve copied over my profile from my home PC so I now have all my emails, addresses, extensions and themes on the thumb drive and it’s only taking up 10mb so far. I can use it anywhere I go and it offers great flexibility.

Now I have an excuse to look into GTD for Thunderbird as previously I didn’t see the point of implementing it when I could only access it from one source. The only thing I wish it could do is Sync automatically to Thunderbird on my Home PC and/or my Ipaq; despite that though it’s definitely one to download

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    “If you only want to have remote email, then IMAP is definitely the way to go. My laptop, thunderbird at work, and my PDA are all wonderfully sync’d!
    Let me know if you want a hosted mailbox, any domain :)”


    “Just to let everyone know I’ve emailed Mark and he’s made my brain melt with talk of static IPs, Debian and MX records… It’s all too confusing! :p”

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