Thunderbird search folders bug

Thunderbird search folders bug

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I recently noticed that some of the emails I had labeled were not being displayed in the search folders which was a bit strange and a bit annoying as I rely on them quite heavily.

When I looked at the search folder’s properties, the filter was set up correctly, however the “Select Folders To Search” area hadn’t picked up new folders I had added, even with the “Local Folders” box checked.

This is quite a frustrating development as it means every time I add a new folder/subfolder for clients it won’t be added to the Search Folders. What I’d like to see is that all folders are selected as default and you un-select them if they’re not relevant.

How irritating.

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    “I agree…I have a couple of search folders for my rss news items depending on how I label them…for folder selection, the top level that has subfolders under it..if it is checked doesn’t really do anything, unless you check each folder you need manually. It is a little frustrating.”


    “I haven’t had problems with the search folders, but I have noticed a recent dramatic change in the level resources used by TBird. When it is open, I have a significant amount of hard drive activity. I use Foldershare to keep an updated backup copy of all my TBird files on a separate computer, so I wonder if that is the culprit.

    Anyone else see this problem?”


    “Both Thunderbird and Firefox seem to use a huge amount of resources looking at the Task Manager.”

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