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Weekly Round-Up #99: Why Your Blocks Matter, How To Plan Your Future and How To Stop Micromanaging

Weekly Round-Up #99 - Why Your Blocks Matter, How To Plan Your Future and How To Stop Micromanaging

Weekly Round-Up #99: Why Your Blocks Matter, How To Plan Your Future and How To Stop Micromanaging

This week’s round-up looks at how you may change your priorities when you can see the bigger picture, some shiny new toys for your cubicle and why I still feel you need to be polite in emails.

34 Ways To Make Your Cubicle So Much Better – Buzzfeed

It’s getting close to Christmas so it’s time to start thinking about what you can ask Santa for (assuming you’ve been good of course!) This post from Buzzfeed has 34 great products you can use in your cubicle to make it more functional and feel like a home away from home.

How to Email – The Atlantic

Whist I do agree with some of this article (I’ll be covering some of the topics in my “Become An Email Ninja Course” I don’t think cutting out greetings or signoffs really makes that much of a difference in terms of overall email processing time. In fact it can generate even more emails – after all, you didn’t address me in the email so am I the intended recipient? Why are you being so rude, you never said hello! Any goodwill you hope to foster could be lost all for the sake of a few extra keystrokes.

100 Blocks a Day – Wait But Why

I’m a big fan of Time Boxing but sometimes it’s beneficial to look at the bigger picture, you may think twice about committing to something when you see how precious your time is.

How to Stop Procrastinating on Your Goals by Using the “Seinfeld Strategy” – James Clear

Who knew that the “father” of task chaining was actually a comedian? Editors Note: I’ve never watched Seinfeld nor seen any of his stand up so sorry if I’m not more aware or impressed!

Risks To Avoid When Managing A Big Project
There are so many ways that we can be overwhelmed with projects: the people we need to manage, the tasks that need to be completed and budget, they can all mount up and become unmanageable. Here we look at a few tips on how to keep those big projects in...

6 Daily Habits Of Highly Productive People – Inc

There are some simple things to do that can make your day run more smoothly. These techniques aren’t rocket science but I do like to remind you every 6 months or so – that way you have no excuse for not getting things done!

Why We Micromanage and How To Stop – Go Burrows

It’s a fine balancing act managing employees: give them too much freedom and (given the wrong personality) they could take advantage and shirk, manage them too closely and you can stifle creativity and cause resentment. This great post covers the reasons behind why you may want to micromanage and how you can offer your colleagues more freedom.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

The Easiest Future Planning Method You’ll Ever Use – Page Flutter

One of the things that has been holding me back from going “Full On” bullet journal is the lack of clarity around how to organise future events, and what to do when you fill up a page and can’t carry on – I like things to be together, sorry! This article from Megan at Page Flutter covers a variety of techniques for planning out your yearly events and has some great explanations on how to implement them.

6 Lies that Keep Our Homes and Lives Cluttered – Becoming Minimalist

I am a terrible hoarder – well, I prefer to call myself a “prepper” as you’ll never know when something will come in handy – but every now and then I do have a clear out, honest! As well as physical clutter there is mental clutter too and this post looks at some of the things we can minimise to make our lives better.

7 Mental Models You Should Know For Smarter Decision Making – The Next Web

When you’re trying to make a decision sometimes your instinct may be to just go with your heart rather than to sit an think it through. This fascinating article covers 7 different methods for looking at a decision to see what course of action you should take.

A model home next to a shopping cart with a bag of money in it
Selling your house can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you want to finalize the sale quickly and effectively. The process of selling a property for cash is one choice that many homeowners are considering. The following article will walk you through every step of selling your house for cash.

Here Is a New and Very Complicated Excuse for Why You’re Always Late – Science of Us

I am always late, and it would seem that I now have a rather complicated excuse for why I’m never at work on time – I’m not sure I can explain it to H.R though, I don’t really understand it myself!

Create Your Own Custom Stickers – Labeley

If you’re into planning or just want some funky sticker to put on your Christmas cards then check out Labeley. It lets you design labels in a variety of shapes and then share them via social media or email, or have them custom printed for a reasonable fee (I’m not sure what international shipping from the U.S would be so bear that in mind when ordering).

Have A Great Weekend

Don’t forget to check back in next Friday for a special 100th Edition of the Weekly Round-up!

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