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Steps To Ensure Safe And Progressive Recruitment For Your Organization

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Steps To Ensure Safe And Progressive Recruitment For Your Organization Staff
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“Hiring is the most important people function you have, and most of us aren’t as good at it as we think. Refocusing your resources on hiring better will have a higher return than almost any training program you can develop.”

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It may interest you to know that more than 62% of recruitment professionals utilize social media channels to analyze their employer and employees before joining hands with an organization or candidate, respectively. Furthermore, according to Betterteam, 70% of the recruitment managers claim that they have successfully hired suitable candidates via social media hunts in the past few years.

Such stats reveal the changing notions and perspectives of the recruitment industry all over the world. Now while the world has got a series of options to facilitate their recruitment process, at the same time, it has raised the level of competition and challenges for the recruiters as well.

What Is The Primary Concern?

The lure of recruiting suitable candidates often makes organizations rush into the recruitment processes. However, it can fasten up and close the hiring process quickly, but at the same time, it raises the inevitable fear of being in touch with the candidate with false intentions.

The recruitment industry has witnessed several candidates turning out to be a criminal or intentionally hampering the organization’s reputation. This calls for a safer and improved recruitment process involving a set of steps to strengthen the hiring procedure and welcome on-board the right candidate for your venture.

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A Safer Hiring Process Is A Wise Decision For Any Organization

Let’s face the truth; every entrepreneur wishes to welcome people with good intentions and skills to the organization. It lays the foundation for a positive and progressive work environment helping both the parties (organization and candidates) tie in a bond of trust and progress. Besides helping you safeguard your work culture, it can work better to make your organization meet the recruitment goals effectively.

If you are someone who has just stepped into the corporate hiring process, then here are some essential tips to consider and make the most out of.

Tip 1 – Work on ATS

Ask a recruitment expert, and you will get to know about the significance of ATS in the recruitment process. For those who don’t know, ATS (applicant tracking system) is a benchmark revealing the applicant’s profile insights in one go. Right from the offer letter to automating the communication between the two parties involved (recruiting manager and candidate), it revealed everything.

More importantly, ATS proves helpful to know about the sources from where the most qualified candidates are coming from. Some of the most common examples are social media channels, career pages, online job offers, digital portals, etc.

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Tip 2 – Go For Referral Programmes

If you are concerned about the security and safety of your existing employees and the overall work environment, it is highly recommended to go for referral hiring programs. When you implement the referral program, it encourages the employees to recommend the best talents, get rewarded, and add a lot more to the workplace environment. Plus, when you hire someone from a referral network, it ensures that you are recruiting a trustworthy resource in the organization.

Generally, the referral programs are all about hiring a candidate from an existing employee’s reference. In return, the organization offers rewards or monthly incentives to the employee who referred the new candidate. It is one of the most common processes used for quality hiring.

Tip 3 – Background Check

Companies often analyze the candidate through the resume when it comes to hiring the right talent for your organization. But when talking about being more concerned about the organization’s safety, background screening becomes the need of the hour. The concept of background check is all about evaluating the past work history, experiences obtained, and overall behavior of the candidate in the past organizations. Several reputed companies often hire a dedicated agency or team providing candidate screening services.

In the current times when the candidate fraud cases have increased to a considerable extent, most companies prefer to go for such services. If required, the process involves contacting the previous organizations for quick feedback about the candidate. Such practices are kept confidential between the two organizations to support and encourage a healthy hiring process.

Tip 4 – See Elite Candidates On The Internet

Evaluating the overall behavior and performance of the candidate is easy when you know how to make the most out of the internet. Currently, almost everyone is active on social media channels, so why not use such mediums to analyze the candidate? Although posting pictures on social media channels has nothing to do with the skills they are supposed to be hired for, it can work as a solid bridge to find out if the candidate is providing genuine information or not.

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If you are going for mass hiring, then experts recommend using different sourcing tools that can give you ample details about the potential candidates meeting all your requirements. Such tools help to narrow down the number of candidates to be screened for the next level.

Tip 5 – Develop A Hiring Pipeline

Start to engage candidates for a potential job post in advance. This will help you keep a check on the relevant positions and candidates in the future as well. If you find data collection difficult, you can join hands with several online FREE job portal communities loaded with passive job seeker profiles. Such candidate profiles work as a base to strengthen the recruitment process in the highly competitive candidate-driven market. Use such factors to create a hiring pipeline with thorough detailing.

The Final Word

The hiring process steps may seem like a roller coaster fun ride, but that’s until you become a part of this ongoing process. Be it a small scale or fortune 500 organization, every organization type has to practice this procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on everything that has to do with hiring.

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