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Spiritual And Sexual Health: How Both Are Connected

Spiritual And Sexual Health: How Both Are Connected

Spiritual And Sexual Health: How Both Are Connected

Linking spiritual and sexual health can be complicated to explain. In fact, no one can exactly tell how they are both linked. However, one must remember that the link between spiritual health and sexual health is strong. For instance, spiritual health is always considered an integral part of one’s well-being, while sexual health can be deemed as a state of physical and mental state regarding sexuality. If you find yourself pondering on your spiritual and sexual well-being, read further to know how they are connected.

Importance of Spiritual Health In Life

Spiritual health is a powerful and vital element of our lives. Being healthy also entails possessing a good spiritual life. One’s spiritual life is based on values and beliefs which we apply in our everyday endeavors. These values can influence how we intend to withstand our experiences in our personal lives.

Possessing a healthy spiritual life can greatly contribute to one’s personal growth. Also, spiritual life can help discover the meaning of one’s life in times of trials and difficulties. A spiritually healthy person is able to realize good life choices which can help them live longer.

Spiritual health plays an important role in one’s well-being. But, we should also take note that maintaining a spiritual life is as exceptionally essential because it factors the way one looks at life. That is to say, incorporating a strong awareness of spirituality improves how you handle things embracing your values, beliefs, and most especially, your relationships.

Importance of Sexual Health In Life

Sexual health is an essential part and parcel of being human. Yes, sexual health is just as important as spiritual health. You will not easily fathom sexual health without bearing in mind your sexuality and the sexual relationships around you.

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Remember that comprehending the meaning of sexuality incorporates more than sexual activities. No, it is more than just practicing safe sex and being able to experience sexual satisfaction. But, it is also about expressing one’s sexuality and its significance. Understanding this will ultimately help you grow in life.

Becoming sexually healthy does not inevitably mean being wholly participating in sexual activities. Possessing a healthy sex life also signifies respecting and acknowledging one’s sexual rights and of others. This refers to exerted efforts in avoiding unplanned pregnancies, abortions, and STDs. Most importantly, it is about properly communicating the principles of sexual health to your relationships. Click here to know more.

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Sexual Health Is Not Entirely Separated From Spiritual Health

One must understand that spirituality is more than just feeding one’s self-centered ego. It also involves reaching out to secure the welfare of others in the society. Further, the belief that spirituality and sexuality are directly contrasting is mistaken since sexual energy configures as one of the foundations of happiness. To acquire a secured and lasting happiness in a healthy relationship must involve healing one’s socially stipulated distortions on sexuality. In principle, one should be able to spiritualize sex.

  • A sexually and spiritually healthy person knows the sensation of being loved and loving others. Take note that this is not affiliate material values. An individual will feel more satisfied, loved, and at solitude when they value these worldly pleasures as being the least of their concerns. If you believe in your spiritual values such as forgiveness, compassion, wisdom, respect, and love, then you will also understand better the emotional needs of others.
  • Remember that sexual health is not entirely separate from spiritual health. Your perception of sexual activities should not only settle on your material gains such as the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. However, one must recognize that the real motive of sex which is established in one’s sense of spirituality and formative years as human beings.
  • Meanwhile, you must not forget why sexual health is not entirely separate from spiritual health. In this case, remember how most “friends with benefits” or FUBU relationships do not end well. These types of relationships only matter regarding getting satisfaction, pleasure, and otherworldly demands. For some, it does not require intimacy as long as their sexual desires are satisfied.

However, remember that intimacy plays a crucial role in relationships. It is more than just a physiological and psychological concept. But, it is more of personal demands for physical and emotional openness and closeness.

  • Reality speaking, intimacy leads to extending relationships which leads to individual growth and development. Embarking an intimate relationship with someone contributes to one’s sense of dignity and self-respect. Further, it develops one’s physical, emotional and moral values.
  • Moreover, if a sexual relationship is grounded in spiritual values and intimacy, it is evident that their sexual and spiritual health are steadfastly related with each other.


Generally, sexual and spiritual health are the building blocks of our essence as human beings. It centers on realizing our identities and how we can apply these breakthroughs as instruments of support and love to others. To put it out differently, you must bear in mind that attaining a healthy sex life involves doing something with how you strengthen your spiritual values.

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