Is Botox Really Made From Toxins And Other Misconceptions Debunked

Is Botox Really Made From Toxins And Other Misconceptions Debunked


Some men and women are hesitant about getting Botox injections because they’re dissuaded by misconceptions and myths about the procedure. We’re here to put them to rest.

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Microblading, laser treatments, tattoos, and Botox injections – these days, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to undergo procedures to make our bodies feel more beautiful. Plenty of Botox specials are safe, require little downtime and recovery, and can be painless if done right.

Many misconceptions and myths continue to pervade and scare men and women who could benefit from Botox injections but are scared to undergo the procedure. But if Botox was as dangerous as many people claim it to be, then why did the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery record over 1.5 million injections in the United States in 2018? That’s a 5 percent increase from 2017’s numbers, and now 40 percent of aesthetic surgery procedures are Botox injections.

We’re here to put those misconceptions to rest to help you understand what to expect when undergoing treatment.

Botox Is Deadly Because It Uses Toxins

People who speak out against Botox injections argue that Botox are made from a toxin called botulinum from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. According to BBC, a few kilograms is enough to kill the world’s human population and is manufactured only in military facilities and is one of the most expensive substances ever made. It sounds so dangerous that it’ll make you want to run from any Botox injection.

But what these people won’t tell you is that Clostridium botulinum is naturally present in certain types of environments, including the intestines of certain mammals and fishes, which are generally harmless. And while it is dangerous to let these bacteria increase, pharmaceutical companies know how to create safe doses for human uses. In fact, the toxin’s uses to mankind aren’t just limited to Botox injections: it can also treat migraines, excessive sweating, and muscle, nerve, and bladder-related disorders.

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So, yes, Botox injections include toxins derived from bacteria that can be deadly. But no, it is not deadly and is even used for other non-aesthetic medical procedures.

Your Face Will Look Unnatural

Others may be hesitant to undergo Botox injections because they see pictures online or read horror stories of people who have had bad Botox experiences and dissuade others from the whole operation because of how they looked after. But other people’s experiences does not reflect on an entire procedure.

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Yes, there have been cases of people getting bad Botox injections, but it doesn’t mean that all Botox procedures turned out the same way. You might have also seen bad haircuts or men with long eyelashes that look unnatural; but you don’t cancel haircuts or eyelash extensions, you just accept that they got their services from an inexperienced business.

As long as you’re getting your injections from an experienced injector, your aesthetician should know how much Botox you really need and the right points to put it on. So, even with Botox injections, your face can look younger and natural as long as you choose the right clinic to have your treatment.

Only Senior Citizens Can Benefit from Botox

For aesthetic purposes, Botox injections are used to reduce wrinkles on your face. Because of this, many people think that Botox is only appropriate for senior citizen who are already starting to show defined wrinkles on their face.

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Based on FDA restrictions, Botox injections for aesthetic purposes can be legally used by men and women as young as 18 years old. There is no specific age to start Botox, but aestheticians recommend Botox injections as soon as fine lines and wrinkles start to appear on your face. For some, it’s in their mid- to late-twenties, while other lucky ones don’t have wrinkles until they reach their late-thirties.

It’s also common to start undergoing Botox injections as a prevention method for wrinkles. Some people may need more Botox injections because it’s difficult to remove the wrinkles on their face. Preventative measures can prevent needing more treatments in the future so your skin stays smooth.

Botox injections have been available for years, which means the procedure is tried, tested, and have produced plenty of good results. As long as you carefully choose the place you have your Botox treatment, you should be fine and get quality treatment that helps you look younger and feel more confident with your own body.

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