Sony Profits In Free Fall

Sony Profits In Free Fall


Sony’s quarterly profits plunged 94 per cent following fall-out from its exploding battery woes

Graphic of crashing profits
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From “The Register

Sony’s quarterly profits plunged 94 per cent following fall-out from its exploding battery woes….

Profit figures included a 51.2bn yen ($432m 340.9m (Euro)) provision for charges linked to the recall of nearly 10 million faulty laptop batteries Sony supplied to several manufacturers, including Dell, Lenovo and Apple. Sony had initially estimated a recall of 5.9 million units but that has increased as more manufacturers recalled batteries, including Fujitsu which recalled 287,000 batteries earlier this month.

Crikey! 300 million quid?? And that’s before they begin to get sued by the computer companies that used the batteries for “loss of brand image and customer faith” or whatever they want to call it.

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It does amaze me that only now is the extent of the Sony battery problem is coming out. And I bet there are still a few more exploding batteries out there somewhere.

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Perhaps I’ll hold off buying that laptop for now…. cheeky tongue

You can read the full article here

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