Argh *&@^% Spam!

Argh *&@^% Spam!

There’s an article over at “Smashing Magazine” about preventing spam by hiding your email address. You can check out the full article here.

I’ve had an email address visible on this blog for a while just to see what would happen and…. nothing. No Spam. Nada. I’ve encrypted it now all the same, but I found it weird that it was never picked up (not that I found out anyway).

So, what I want to know is, how come I get tonnes of spam to my GMail account which has only been given to trusted people? How the heck did the scumbag spammers figure out my email address? It’s not like my name is particulary easy to guess I would have thought.

At they say:

The current most-common place to get your address is from web pages. If your e-mail address is listed on a web page anywhere on the ‘net, especially if that page is listed in a search engine or directory, spammers will find it, and fairly quickly. Tip: try searching for your own e-mail address in Google. If you can find it there, spammers can too — easily.

I’ve searched for my GMail address, and nothing. Curiouser and Curioser as Alice said the the Rabbit (or it could have been the Mad Hatter, I can never remember!).

However they found it, it’s really rather annoying. Especially as I can’t see myself needing a penis enlargement.

Is it just me or has anyone else with a GMail Account noticed this?

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