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Weekly Round-Up #39 : Doubling Your Productivity, getting scientific and how to get your insomnia into touch

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Weekly Round-Up #39 : Doubling Your Productivity, getting scientific and how to get your insomnia into touch

Hello, and welcome to another weekly round-up. This week it seems to be all about numbers!

9 Science-Backed Tricks That Help People With Insomnia Fall Asleep Faster – Lifehack

As a confirmed insomniac, there’s not much on this list that I haven’t tried, but there is one thing I am guilty of – “Make the bed a “sleep only” zone”. I’m terrible for watching TV in my room and thinking “Just one more episode” and the next thing you know is that it’s 5am and you’re wondering where the time went. I really need to keep bed for… er… bed.

Sleep Study: Drinking Coffee Before Bed Resets Body Clock – Huffpost Lifestyle

It’s the age old thing isn’t it: one person says one thing, someone says something else. Insomnia is, if you listen to a lot of people, the inability to slee and the major cause is caffeine (i.e. a cup of coffee) but this article reckons drinking coffee before you go to bed – which has always been a no-no is now okay… go figure!

4 scientifically proven methods to increase your productivity – The Next Web

Batten down the hatches! Apparently Neuroplasticity is the new bastion of productivity. Who knew… and who knows what it means!

Top 10 Things About Money Everyone Should Know – Lifehacker

Money can’t buy you happiness… SAY WHAT?? It can on occasion? Okay, thanks for letting me know…

A complete guide to designing your morning routine to double your productivity – The Next Web

I guess we are all guilty of the snooze button- I certainly am – but check out this post and especially the section on cue>routine>reward which can make a BIG difference in habits and habit breaking.

Are There Ever Benefits To Procrastinating? – Productivity Theory

I sometimes find putting the “big” things off allows the smaller things to get done. For example, if I have a long post to write I’ll hoover, dust and whatever other cleaning I can get away with before I sit down and do the “big” thing… is that wrong, or just productive? Let us know in the comments!

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