Well Being

Woman Sleeping
June 15, 2020 By Goutam Singh

Sleep disorders are some of the most common conditions all across the world. A study conducted in India showed that about 1/5th of a healthy, productive age group of the Indian population had SRD or Sleep-Related Respiratory Disorders and about 30% of them suffered from occasional insomnia. Let us go through the types of sleep disorders and how you can address them. … Read Article »

People Skills

Person wrapped in scarf surrounded by bacteria
June 14, 2020 By Andy Latkovskis

It is only normal for people to experience high levels of anxiety during this pandemic. If it is not the fear of losing a job, it is the fear of becoming infected. If it is not the rising cases of depression as a result of being stuck indoors for ages, it is the increasing reports of domestic violence. Everyone is losing in some way or form. In the light of these misfortunes, as a business leader, how do you support your staff to deal with coronavirus anxiety, noting that you too are vulnerable to anxiety? Here are 5 tips for you. … Read Article »

Life Hacks

Secrets Of Self-Care
June 13, 2020 By Staff

Successful women like Michelle Obama, Mindy Kaling, and Beyonce have even publicly shared the power of nurturing their minds and bodies daily. Luckily you don’t need a celeb like Beyonce’s budget to implement some of their strategies for yourself … Read Article »

Well Being

Person holding up a happy placard
June 13, 2020 By Garimar Tomar

A notification on your phone, a breaking news telecast, an e-paper headline, everything states nothing but the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the world and how the pandemic is causing destruction and taking lives. No matter how positive our attitude is, it’s hard to calm our nerves during the time of the pandemic. In this article we'll take a look at some ways you can sooth your troubled mind in these trying times. … Read Article »

Well Being

Bowl of turmeric with wooden spoon
June 12, 2020 By Anne Davis

You’ve all heard about the wonders of turmeric—this spice accounts for the yellow colour of curry, and it is known to have many medicinal benefits. One ingredient of turmeric, in particular, is curcumin. This ingredient can be bought in wellness stores and in this article we look at the benefits that taking curcumin and what it can do for your body. … Read Article »

Well Being

Air Purifier In A Living Room
June 12, 2020 By Anne Davis

Air purifiers, as the name suggests, are appliances for purifying the air in the home. They work by getting rid of dust, pet dander, bad odors, smoke, and others that can potentially wreak havoc on the airways and the lungs themselves. No matter the type of air purifier, one thing remains the same: its installation may help fend off problems that have something to do with the respiratory system. … Read Article »


Far Eastern Wanderer Dress
June 11, 2020 By Anne Davis

Though there are a lot of dress designs to choose from, there are generally three basic types that you must have in your closet. These are mini dresses, maxi dresses, and midi dresses. Here are a couple of things you can do to look chic in each of these types … Read Article »


Man weightlifting
June 11, 2020 By Anne Davis

Are you starting to get serious about looking fit and buff? Have you been going to the gym regularly, but not seeing the fruit of your hard labour? If you are feeling frustrated because you are nowhere near your ideal body look despite following all the drills, then you might need a boost from workout supplements. … Read Article »

Well Being

Pink blender and various fruit
June 11, 2020 By Anne Davis

Making a smoothie is an excellent way to start your day. Since smoothies are becoming a breakfast staple, people want to have an excellent hand-held blender, like the Booseblend Portable Blender, to power through the morning rush. They can bring the blender and the ingredients to their office and make the drink they want. Here are some delicious combinations of ingredients that you can make for your next smoothie … Read Article »