Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

Office Management

Flooring samples on a desk with calculator and a cup of coffee
April 5, 2021 By Mackey Wallace

Selecting workplace flooring is a bit tricky job. You have to consider both form and function. That means, at a time, it should look stylish and should also be sustainable. Moreover, as different rooms in the office have different functions, one flooring idea may … Read Article »


Young woman live streaming at home
April 3, 2021 By Staff

Businesses during and after Covid19 were physically dissociated from the customers. Still, a majority of them were digitally connected to the social media followers, prospective leads, and existing clients via social media platforms. This is when businesses started taking live streaming seriously as it … Read Article »


Illustration of a credit score on a smartphone screen with coins and paper money
April 2, 2021 By Staff

The credit score is a numerical expression evaluated and decided on the basis of credit file levels. It is defined to represent the creditworthiness of the person who is seeking financial help. In most cases, the financial advisors or experts seek information from the … Read Article »


New Product Phrase in a speech bubble
March 31, 2021 By Staff

Have you ever had an idea for a product that you think would be useful and popular? It is likely that you have come up with a product idea but do not know how to turn your idea into a reality. Being creative is … Read Article »

Career Development

Female nurse pointing to one side
March 31, 2021 By Staff

Deciding to change your career and enter a whole new field can be overwhelming, especially if you have already attended college or university and have a significant number of years spent within your current field. However, staying in a job because it is simply … Read Article »