iMac and Macbook on a desk in a bright room
July 16, 2020 By Thomas Simon

Working with a flexible schedule has a lot of advantages, but to get such a position is not easy (and for some professional areas in impossible). To have a dream job, you need to perfectly master some basic skills. You need a job to earn money and take care of your family, but because of your job you are so busy that you cannot spend enough time with your loved ones. Or you have a great job, but you spend two hours every day to get to it. Is this situation familiar? … Read Article »

Career Development

Young male baker standing in front of bread
July 15, 2020 By Shanaaz Raja

Food businesses are constantly in demand because everybody needs to eat. A lot of people do not even have to wait until they are hungry to go out and indulge in something. In this article we take a look at 5 tell-tale signs you should take the leap into the food industry with a culinary course. … Read Article »

Career Development

Illustration of career progression
July 15, 2020 By Heather Redding

The goal of landing a promotion is top of mind for many professionals. Promotion means more prestige, new challenges, and a higher salary. Your employer may not clearly mark the roadway to land the promotion, but there are some things you can do that will position you in a positive light for your superiors. Try these five effective tips that will help you land a promotion. … Read Article »

Computer & Software Tips

Excel spreadsheet on a table
July 14, 2020 By Anthony Stevens

Any entrepreneur knows that excellent budget management skills can help you grow and succeed in business. Whether you’re estimating the cost of your next big project or planning the budget for the next fiscal year, proper budgeting helps keep the company in good financial standing. While budget management is almost always a challenge, there’s an […] … Read Article »


Illustration of man with megaphone
July 13, 2020 By Dawn Castell

Marketing is among the essential components of business success. Marketing significantly affects a business, which explains why managers and entrepreneurs try their best to achieve marketing goals. A marketing strategy or campaign can make or break your business, irrespective of its industry. The first step should be to understand the impact of marketing on your business success. Having understood how marketing impacts the success of your business, you can design an effective marketing campaign. … Read Article »

House & Home

What & How Often To Clean In Your Home, And How To Keep It All Clean
July 10, 2020 By Staff

Sleep expert, luxury bedding and professional interior designer Jennifer Adams is back to answer your questions and provide some helpful advice! Today, Jennifer responds to a reader’s question about tips and strategies for how to best tackle the ongoing challenge of keeping her home neat and clea … Read Article »