Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time


Illustration of a Mini Cooper Car
March 30, 2021 By Staff

Are you in the market for a new company car? This is always a major decision to make and you will want to find a car that is within your budget, a good fit for your company, stylish and also tax-efficient. With this in … Read Article »


Close up of a wedding planner and a calendar
March 30, 2021 By Ben Hartwig

Planning a wedding is sweet and exciting… until you start creating the budget. A survey revealed that Australian couples spend an average of $36,000 on their weddings. 82% of them needed to tap into their savings account to cover the expenses. How much you … Read Article »

Home Office

Macbook Air on White Table
March 29, 2021 By Staff

We live in a digitally advanced world. With the digital world progressing by the minute, the demand for virtual business is also increasing. With so much smart-tech around us, the need for performing tasks in-person is considerably reducing. More and more businesses are aiming … Read Article »

Career Development

Illustration of online cyber security
March 26, 2021 By Staff

Online learning is a boon. But it comes with many demerits as well. Recently, it has become a norm among students as colleges, universities and educational institutions are closed due to the ongoing and quite frankly, never-ending coronavirus pandemic. But, as the number of … Read Article »

Life Hacks

Dad, Mum and kids celebrating a birthday
March 26, 2021 By Staff

In any relationship, it’s very important to show your love and concern and to appreciate their presence in your lives. Here we aren’t talking about your partners, or your significant other, whereas we are talking about your parents, especially your dad. So, here is … Read Article »

Home Office

Woman working remotely chatting with collegues
March 26, 2021 By Germán Viera

To make a lasting impression on your remote audience, effectively creating and delivering a presentation becomes an inevitable skill. A remote presentation is all about engagement! Since you're not presenting in front of your audience, it becomes a task to get hold of their … Read Article »