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Stephanie Caroline Snyder graduated from The University of Florida in 2018; she majored in Communications with a minor in Mass Media. Currently, she is an author and a freelance internet writer. She was born and raised in Panama City, Florida where her family still lives. The oldest of four children, Stephanie moved out to Utah to pursue her professional interests in early 2019 and has worked on content creation ever since.

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Why Have Manufacturers Stopped Using Asbestos

May 16, 2023 By Stephanie Caroline Snyder

Due to its high resistance to heat and excellent insulating characteristics, asbestos was once widely utilized in industrial production. Exposure to asbestos fibers, however, was later found to cause major health problems, such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. Since then, businesses worldwide have phased out the use of asbestos altogether. The effects of the manufacturing sector's shift away from asbestos use and the factors that led to this shift are discussed in this article.…more »

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