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Psychology & Communication

woman on bike reaching for man's hand behind her also on bike
October 12, 2021 By Staff

Some of the most common questions asked by clients during fortune-telling sessions are regarding the client’s love life and relationships. Love happens to be the most frequently recurring theme during sessions that focus on a client’s future and spiritual growth, such as Turkish coffee … Read Article »

Career Development

Smiling man using a laptop
October 12, 2021 By Porter Gale

When a business runs down generations, every generation learns from previous mistakes. Learning from mistakes eventually leads to better results further in life. If they don’t, the business eventually shuts down. Let’s take a look at some statistics showing the percentage of businesses that … Read Article »

Life Hacks

Closeup of person watching a drone fly
October 11, 2021 By Alex Svetnicky

Drones are becoming less expensive, which allows videography enthusiasts and filmmakers to become creative with their products. The cinematography techniques addressed in this article are fundamental for anyone interested in becoming a drone pilot or videographer … Read Article »


Team meeting on an online conference call
October 10, 2021 By Staff

Unlike in-person meetings and events, online meetings give the attendees more chances to zone out as distractions are just a click away. The audience’s attention comes at a premium, and organizers must do everything in their power to retain their attention. Audience engagements are … Read Article »

Fashion & Beauty

Person having laser rejuvenation treatment
October 6, 2021 By Staff

We cannot stop aging. But we can reverse the signs of premature aging. There are many good non-surgical anti-aging facial treatments that can stop premature wrinkle formation and give you a facelift. Here are the top 5 non-surgical treatments to remove your age spots, … Read Article »


Three people gathered around a desk looking at paper
October 5, 2021 By Tereza Peterson

It's never been easier to start a new business on a shoestring budget than now. An entrepreneur may start a firm with just a laptop and a smartphone, thanks to the abundance of low-cost technologies. However, making that business a tremendous success takes a … Read Article »