Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time


"We're open" sign on a small business door
November 9, 2021 By Staff

According to small business statistics, 20% of small businesses fail within their first year of operation. The number is even more significant in the subsequent years depending on an equally increasing number of reasons. Overall, 70% of small business start-ups fail up to their … Read Article »

Project Management

Illustration of a Gannt Chart
November 9, 2021 By Anthony Stevens

Running a project is never easy, especially when there are so many moving parts that you have to keep an eye on and manage. Fortunately for the project managers of today, there is a wealth of project management tools available to them that can … Read Article »


Illustration of a storefront with the Google logo
November 8, 2021 By Mashum Mollah

Small business owners look for free advertising and campaigns to increase the visibility of their businesses to the customers. In this article, let's see how we can use Google My Business to increase the visibility of our business for free. … Read Article »


Teacher giving a lesson online
November 5, 2021 By Staff

As a teacher, your overall career success will depend heavily on your ability to remain focused, diligent, and efficient on a daily basis. Quite simply, you cannot ever afford to let your concentration levels slip. The way you approach each and every day will … Read Article »


Illustration of mobile app development
November 3, 2021 By Shahzain Aijaz Shaikh

Having a mobile occurrence has become imperious for a business's survival. The number of mobile phone users is increasing rapidly across the world. As the world is getting digitalized, this attracts business owners and entrepreneurs to work on mobile app development to change business. … Read Article »


Lightbulb with a graduation cap on it
November 2, 2021 By Arnav Kakkad

The world is rapidly growing economically and technologically. Therefore higher education becomes a crucial threshold for youngsters. And improving education quality is a concerning point of discussion lately. One sure way to make things better is to implement outcome-based education in place of the … Read Article »


Close-up of a person using their phone with various icons
November 1, 2021 By Juned Ghanchi

For any business, the most critical asset is the customers. So naturally, it is essential to give attention to their experience. Mobile apps, in this respect, are highly effective in addressing customer experience. Mobile apps with instant accessibility, personalized attributes and seamless interactions make … Read Article »


Woman doing yoga while using a laptop
October 30, 2021 By Keith Mcniven

Online fitness training is among the best ways to begin fitness routines at anytime and anywhere. The good thing is that you can follow fitness routines on You Tube and do your workouts from the comfort of your home. Additionally, you can download fitness … Read Article »

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