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General Vs. Academic IELTS: What You Need To Know

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General Vs. Academic IELTS: What You Need To Know Staff
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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English proficiency test. If you’re planning to migrate to a new country, you will have to take the test if English is the native language in the location.

Qualifying the test is essential if you wish to study, work, or migrate to another country. However, most people often get confused when they hear General IELTS and Academic IELTS. It can be difficult to understand which test you should take. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the differences between General IELTS vs. Academics IELTS.

IELTS General Test

The IELTS General Training Test is a test designed to examine your proficiency in the English language in a work or social environment. A general training test is ideal for aspirants who wish to apply for secondary education, training program, or other work opportunities. Individuals who are planning to move to New Zealand, US, UK, Australia, or Canada should take this test. Aspirants can even consider taking IELTS Coaching to understand the test and the format.

  • The test is designed to measure your level of English proficiency for everyday purposes.
  • You can even take this test if you’re seeking another job in your own country.
  • It is suitable for students who want to study below degree level.

You should even check the requirement of your organization before selecting or choosing the ideal test. Some companies have specific requirements and you will have to take the test accordingly.

IELTS Academic Test

Individuals who are interested in applying for academic or higher education will have to take this test. The test is designed to check your capabilities in your English language and ensure you are a suitable candidate for the higher training program.

  • You should take this test if you want to study in an undergraduate or postgraduate program.
  • If you are planning to work in an English-speaking country.
  • If you are planning to migrate to an English-speaking country for work or professional opportunities.
  • If you’re planning to work in fields like medicine, nursing, accounting, or engineering.
  • US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are some of the countries which value the IELTS Academic Test.

Since the test is based to test your abilities for academics, you can expect to see questions related to work or study in the specific field.

You should even note that the requirements for test type and score may be different for each country. You should refer to the requirements or qualifications for that specific country and the university.

At times, it is likely that Universities have certain other requirements that you will have to fulfill. Therefore, it is suggested to go through all the requirements and qualifications before applying for IELTS. You can even get in touch with a reputed IELTS Coaching Center for better guidance and support.

IELTS General Training and Academics Test Format

The IELTS General Training and Academics Test are divided into the following four parts:

  • Listening Test (30 minutes)
  • Reading Test (60 minutes)
  • Writing Test (60 minutes)
  • Speaking Test (11-14 minutes)

The total duration for all the IELTS examinations is 2 hours and 45 minutes. For the first three parts, you will have to take the test on the same day. It means that you will have to take learning, reading, and writing tests on the same day. There will be no breaks between each test and you will have to complete it within the stipulated time.

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However, for the speaking test, you can book a slot according to your time and availability. In case, you fail to select a slot, you will be assigned one automatically. You should note that the speaking test will have to complete within a week. You can either complete it one week before the other tests or can even do it after completing the other tests. The speaking test can be completed in three parts. The specific test is designed to test the abilities or proficiency of the spoken language.

Similarities Between IELTS General Test And IELTS Academics Test

Listening and Speaking tests are the same for both IELTS General Training and IELTS Academics. You will have the same format and same time for completing both tests. You can even opt for a paper-based test or a computer-based test depending on your choice and availability.

Differences Between IELTS General Test And IELTS Academics Test

Within the IELTS General and Academics, you will find differences in the reading and writing sections. In the reading section, the difference mainly lies in the number and types of reading passages.

Reading Passages In IELTS Academic Test

In the IELTS Academic Test, the number and topics of the reading passage are as follows:

Section 1: one shorter article

Section 2: one longer article

Section 3: one longer article

The topics of these passages may be of general interest and topics that are related to your area of study. If you have opted for studying Chemistry, you will find the topics are related to that.

Reading Passages In IELTS General Test

In the IELTS General Test, the number and topics of reading passages are as follows:

Section 1: maybe up to 3 short texts

Section 2: 2 texts

Section 3: one long text

For general tests, the topics are different for all three sections:

Section 1: Topic related to everyday life (travel, college, advertisements, safety procedures)

Section 2: Topic related to professional training (job, work policies)

Section 3: Topic of general interest (business, culture, people)

Differences In Writing Test

There are also certain differences in the writing test for both the IELTS.

Section 1: For the general test, you will have to write a formal or informal letter. For the academic test, you will have to describe the visual in your words.

Section 2: Section two involves writing an essay on the assigned topics. For academics, the topic will be related to the subject of your academics.

Summing Up

These are some of the differences between IELTS Training and IELTS Academics Tests. Keep the specifics in mind before choosing and opting for either of them. You should even check the requirements of the country, college, or organization you’re applying to.

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